Why the Dems lost, and How They Can Win Again, Baby!

Election 2016. Irony and a warning to the GOP.

It’s tough to lose, but you Dems can easily right the ship. Just do the opposite of what you did this time.

Let’s skip Hillary’s unlikability and corruption. All the Dems have to do next time is nominate a solid, well-liked liberal. Problem solved.

Here are six other ways you can win.

  1. You “misoverestimated” the pull your buddies in the mainstream news media have enjoyed over the years.

You thought that with their help you could prop up Her Royal Corruptness and Queen Unlikeable. The near indictment and Comey’s confusing behavior was already “baked in” to the polling numbers (you said to yourselves).

Social media won this time. You can’t prop up an extremely deficient candidate.

  1. You chose a candidate who lurched far left, thanks to the genuine need to attract Bernie voters.

People like free market capitalism; it’s the only way for the little guy to rightly enrich himself. He gets to start a business and watch it grow. Bernie and Hillary represented the opposite. She got rich—why? Did she manufacture widgets? No, by giving speeches and coaxing big donors of questionable origins and motives to give to her Foundation.

Next time, nominate a successful politician or outsider who can claim capitalism is great—or at least not as bad as the hard left says it is

  1. In adding up the first two factors, countless conservatives voted against Hillary.

I believe innumerable Evangelicals did exactly that. To vote against her, they held their noses, gasped, and pulled the levers for Trump. So did other conservatives. Next time nominate someone better than her.

  1. You ignored white “Reagan” democrats in the Rust Belt and rural communities.

I think the number of these dem voters are far fewer than the those whom Reagan got, but the point is still partly valid. A pundit on Fox News Sunday said only Bill Clinton warned against ignoring the Reagan democrats, and then the journalist reported that the Hillary team laughed at him. As usual, savvy Bill (savvy only politically speaking) was right. It shows how far off the DNC leaders are. You also refused to compromise on coal and the Keystone Pipeline.

Next time, stop sneering at the “fly-over” country, and be like Bill, and you’ll rebuild the Blue Wall in a nanosecond.

  1. You “misunderestimated” the bad economy.

Your buddies in the news media shouted at people that the economy was great, but the Have-Nots felt otherwise. That’s why 70% believed the country was heading in the wrong direction, economically.

You counted the U-3 unemployment line, which showed the unemployment rate at around 5%, but it doesn’t count those who have given up looking for work and are sitting at home or are underemplyed. The U-6 line gives the better picture, and unemployment is at almost double 5%. Check it out at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

If you don’t win in 2020, it’ll be because Trump will have followed the advice of ‘Washington Insiders’ like Ryan and McConnell and will have implemented conservatism, much like Bill finally followed the GOP and cut taxes and various programs in the 1990s. That’s when the economy heated up. The big pile of cash moved from the public sector and into the private sector. Stimulating! Simple and clear economics, which hopefully even a leftist can figure out, though Obama never got it.

Next time, be like Bill, teachable and willing to negotiate. Don’t be like know-it-all Obama.

  1. You thought you had the minority voters in your hip pocket.

Trump did surprisingly well among blacks and Hispanics—though, prophetically, nowhere near Bush’s numbers. Hillary was badly damaged and uninspiring, so she didn’t draw them out to vote. Remember, countless blacks attend church, and character still matters to them. Trump and Hillary had huge character deficits, so blacks stayed home. And next time don’t select an obscure white guy from Virginia for VP.

But the trend line still favors you. Here’s how.

The all-white, old Turbo-Conservative Media ‘Establishment’ in talk radio and TV and online journals is still fighting an outdated battle against the all-white, old DC GOP ‘Establishment’ and ‘Elites’ and going on and on about rape culture and bad hombres and Adios, America! and mass-deporting Hispanics and a Gigantic Waaaall (say those two words with self-righteous contempt), along every inch of the border. This will ensure that white Evangelical millennials and minorities generally will vote Republican in 2020 and beyond! Not.

Truthfully, the GOP, if they keep listening to the turbos, will miss the trend line as it sneaks up on them, while celebrating that they got more minority voters than Romney did and therefore don’t have to reach out to minorities. Problem solved. No, the problem isn’t solved.

Truthfully, the problem hasn’t been the DC GOP ‘Establishment.’ Watch how in the next four years the anti-‘Establishment’ rhetoric diminishes (though it’ll never die out completely among turbos) when the GOP finally–finally!–passes legislation. The real problem has always been Obama’s constitutional veto for the past eight years.

In any case, Dems, cheer up! You’ll probably win next time because you are about to secure the popular vote by a whopping two percent. (And California is part of America.) All you need to do now is to figure out how to translate that solid majority into key counties in the swing states, because, happily, the Electoral College is here to stay. You can easily rebuild the Blue Wall and nominate a cool and likeable minority, for example.

My telling the Dems how they can win next time is ironical—but true irony. It’s my way of signaling that the GOP barely won and better figure out how to win the majority of the people in presidential elections or break the 50% barrier, which has been done only twice in the past twenty-eight years (since Reagan): 1988 (Bush Sr. v. Dukakis) and 2004 (Bush Jr. v. Kerry).


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