Parkers, Daniels, and Jenkinses of Early Virginia and Beyond

According to Douglas Richardson’s Royal Ancestry, Richard Parker is a royal gateway ancestor. This post also includes the Daniels and Jenkinses who married into the Parkers, and all of their (available) descendants. This post goes from 1683 to 1840 and includes counties outside of Virginia.

These data are mostly uninterpreted. You can have the fun of sorting them out.


1 Aug 1683

For love and affection to my wife’s daughter Mary Parker, I give her an Indian girl, Sue, now in possession of Mr. John Milner. I empower Hen. Randolph to acknowledge it in my name; wit: Peter Field, Edward (EH) Hatcher; signed John Milner; rec. 1 Aug 1683 (Wills and Deeds, etc. 1677-1692, p. 251)

13 Aug 1684

Inventory of John Milner, taken by William Randolph, Abel Gower, Fran. Epes and valued at 9380 lbs of tobacco; sworn in court 1 Oct 1684 by Mrs. Katherine Milner, adm’x, certain items belonging to the orphans of Will Parker, decd. are not to be charged to the estate; these are items belonging to Will Parker, Mary Parker and one of the orphans, now wife to Robert Easley (Wills and Administrations Part I: 1677-1692, p. 286)

9 Oct 1684

Katherine, wife and relict of John Milner, who died intestate, is granted administration of his estate (Wills and Administrations Part I: 1677-1692, p. 288)

1 April 1689

Richard Parker for love and affection to John Cannon, son of John Cannon and Esther his wife, 1 cow calf, being now in possession of his father; wit: Hen. Randolph, Fran. (X) Carter; signed Richard (EP) Parker; rec. 1 Apr 1689 (Will and Deed Book 1688-1697, p. 41)

1 Apr 1690

Samuel Bridgewater of Varina Parish, carpenter, for 3000 pounds of tobacco, to Richard Parker, planter, all my plantation in Varina Parish granted to me by patent 20 Apr 1687, 404 acres, next to land late belonging to Rowland Place;. Wit: Sam. Knibb, Theodorick Bland; signed Samuel Bridgewater; rec. 1 Apr 1690 (Will and Deed Book 1688-1697, p. 117)

29 Dec 1691

Will of John Ballard

To Richard Parker, all my estate after debts paid;

To goddaughter Sarah Perkins, daughter of Nicholas Perkins, a cow calf;

To goddaughter Jane Whitley, daughter of William Whitley, a cow calf;

Richard Parker, sole executor;

Wit: James Morris, Robert Sharp, William Pierce; rec. 1 Feb 1691 (Book £3 Wills and Deeds 1688-1697, p. 269)

23 May 1692

Will of James Babbicum

To daughter-in-law Elizabeth Milner, featherbed and furniture, cow and large dilver tumbler;

To daughter-in-law Martha Milner, featherbed, etc., cow;

To daughter-in-law Mary Milner;

To son-in-law William Parker, a cow;

Rest of estate to wife and she to be executrix;

To Joseph Allen, a cow calf;

Wit: James Morris, will Peirce, Fra. Peirce; rec. 1 Dec 1692

(Book £3 Wills and Deeds 1688-1607, p. 374-76)

1 Feb 1696 (recorded date)

This deed was deficiently abstracted and printed: the beginning is missing in Weisiger’s book

… granted to Samuel Bridgewater and sold to me, 404 acres, bounded by land patented by Rowland Place, Esq.; wit: Thos. Parker, John Davis, George Cox; signed Richard Parker; Elizabeth, wife of Richard Parker, relinquishes her dower rights; (Will and Deed Book 1688-1697, p. 679)

Feb 1696

Abra. Childers, Jr. and Hester his wife are granted probate of will of John cannon, decd. (Book £3 Wills and Deeds 1688-1697, p. 710)

1 Apr 1697

Thomas Parker and Mary his wife hand over all of their estate that belonged to Thomas Wells, decd. if they do not perform the administration of the estate of Mr. John Wilson and Mr. Geo. Archer; wit: Lit. Epes, Fran. Patram (Book £3 Wills and Deeds 1688-1697, p. 710)


Pages badly torn and almost completely faded and missing

A deed, mainly missing, witnessed by Thomas Parker and Mary Parker (Wills and Deeds etc. 1697-1704, p. 106)

29 July 1701

Elizabeth Archer, wife of George Archer, appoints Thomas Parker her attorney to relinquish her dower rights in 500 acres sold to Lawrence Hobby; wit: Hugh Nanny, Lawrence (H) Hobby; signed Eliz. (A) Archer (Wills, Deeds, Etc. 1697-1704, p. 236)

7 Feb 1714

John Woodson for 1700 lbs of tobacco to Richard Parker, land on south side of Chickahominy Swamp near half sink, part of a greater tract granted to said Woodson by patent, bounded by Daniel Fitzpatrick, said Parker, Beachen Run, William Hopson and Turner’s Run, 200 acres; wit: Thomas Pleasants, Alex’r Cock, John Woodson, Jr.; signed John Woodson; rec. 7 Feb. 1714 (Deeds 1714-1718, p. 13)

7 Jan 1716

Richard Parker of County and Parish of Henrico, for love and affection to my daughter Elizabeth, wife of William Atkinson, a tract of land next to Daniel Patrick’s land bought of John Woodson, the land I gave my daughter Mary, wife of Lewis Jenkins and John Woodson, 150 acres; wit: John Woodson, Thomas (X) Owen; signed Richard (RP) Parker; Elizabeth, wife of Parker, relinquishes her dower right (Deeds 1714-1718, p. 143)

7 Jan 1716

Richard Parker of County and Parish of Henrico, for love and affection to my daughter Anne, wife of James Daniel, land called Beachen Run, bounded by Lewis’ Branch, 100 acres; wit: John Woodson, Thomas (X) Owen; signed Richard (RP) Parker; Elizabeth, wife of Parker, relinquishes her dower right (Deeds 1714-1718, p. 144)

7 Jan 1716

Richard Parker of County and Parish of Henrico, for love and affection to my daughter Mary wife of Lewis Jenkins, part of a tract of I bought of John Woodson on Lewis’s Branch 100 acres; wit: John Woodson, Thomas (X) Owen; signed Richard (RP) Parker; Elizabeth, wife of Parker, relinquishes her dower right (Deeds 1714-1718, p. 145)

30 May 1721

Will of Katherine Babbicum

To daughters Martha Redford and Mary Childers, each 1 shilling;

To William Burton, sr. 1 shilling;

To William Perce, 2 sows and 1 ewe;

To granddaughter Martha (written Matthew by mistake?), 1 gold ring and silver bodkin;

My son William Parker to be sole executor;

Wit: William Frogmorton, Henry Woodcock, Judah Allen (Miscellaneous 1650-1807, Part II, p. 521)

27 Feb 1726

Will of Richard Parker

To wife Mitha (or Witha) items;

To daughter Ann, now wife of James Daniel, 1 shilling

To daughter Elizabeth, now wife of Lewis Jenkins, 1 shilling;

All the rest to son Richard and he to be executor;

Wit: Thomas Owen, Robert Woodson, Jr.; rec. 6 Mar 1726

(Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, p. 89)

2 Sep 1726

William Parker to Edward Stratton for £70, land on north side of James R., next to John Bullington at Varina and known as Baker’s, 100 acres formerly purchased of Robert Bullington and Jane his wife in April 1664 and next to Mr. John Farrar and land of Fra. Redford now in possession of his son John Redford; wit: John Bolling, J. Bolling, Jr., Thomas White; signed William Parker; memo: 20 foot square where Wm Parker, his father, and Katherine his mother and said Parker’s children are buried is excepted from the deed and Parker and his heirs may use it as a burying place; rec. 5 Sep 1726 (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, p. 46)

2 Nov 1734

Will of Abel Turner

To daughter Lucy Parker, 200 acres called Patans, joining Col. Bird and Benjamin Horner; to George Raines, 1 heifer; wit: Peter Varnier, Benjamin Horner, John Blankenship; will presented in court by William Parker and rec. Jan 1734 (Wills and Deed 1725-1737, p. 461)

29 Mar 1736

Will of William Hatcher

To son William, 100 acres on Lower Licking Branch of Falling Dr., up branch to land of William Atkins, joining my son John;

To son Jameston, 100 acres joining his brothers William and John on Licking /branch, and items;

To son John a great chest, now at Abraham Bowman’s;

To daughter Elizabeth Bowman, items;

To granddaughter Martha Parker, items

Son William to be executor;

Wit: John Green, John Coobs (sic) Patrick Gibbin; rec. Dec. 1736 (Wills and Deeds 1725-1737, pp. 589-93)

July Court 1743

Ann Daniel to John Law, deed (Court Orders 1737-1744, p. 227)

3 June 1745

Richard Parker is mentioned in a deed from Peter Randolph of Varina Parish, Esq. to Matthew Herbert, planted, for 3600 lbs of tobacco 404 acres granted to Samuel Bridgewater 20 Apr 1687 and by him sold to Richard Parker, and by him to William Soane and by him to Allison Clark and by him to William Randolph, Esq. and by him given to said Peter Randolph by deed 4 Aug 1740; not wit.; signed Peter Randolph (Wills and Deeds 1744-1748, p. 160)

1 June 1752

Benjamin Burton, Jr. to John Parker, for £15, 198 acres on Deep Run, adj. John Goode, Benjamin Burton, Sr., and James Whitlow; Anne, wife of Burton, relinquishes her dower rights; signed Benja. Burton, Jr. rec. 1st Mon in June 1752 (DB 1750-1767, p. 124)

7 Mar 1758

William Parker to John Whitlow, for £30, 200 acres on Cornelius Cr. adj. Randolph and on the Great Branch and on the South Branch; wit: none; Ruth, wife of William Parker, relinquishes her dower rights; signed William Parker; rec. 6 Mar 1768 (DB 1750-1767, p. 524)

12 Oct 1759

William Garrett and Elizabeth his wife of the province of North Carolina to William Parker of Henrico Co. for £16, 200 acres adj. Thomas Jordan, Alexander Long, Thomas Randolph, and Thomas Perkins; Robert Bullington now living on 100 acres of the 200 acres conveyed; wit: Ambros Owen, Edward Parker, George Tyree, William Ware; signed William (X) Garrett, Elizabeth (X) Garrett; rec. 5 Nov 1759 (DB 1750-1767, p. 593)

Mar 1765

Richard Sharp, Matthew Cobb and Mary his wife, Edward Parker and Susanna his wife, an infant under age 21 by the said Edward her husband and next friend and Robert Sharp, an infant under 21 by said Richard Sharp – complainants


Henry Sharp

Defendant: This day came the parties by their counsel and the arbitrators in this suit who were appointed to divide the slaves in the mentioned, now returning award; property divided between the above in these words:

In obedience to order of Henrico Court March 1765 to divide the slaves of Mary Sharp, we have allotted unto Robert Sharp the negroes Rachel and little Caesar, value £50; to Richard Sharp: Phillis and Samson, value £50; to Edward Parker in right of his wife Susanna, Jemmy and Biddy, value £; to Matthew Cobb in right of his wife Mary, Caesar and little Judy, value £65; to Henry Sharp, Judy and her young child, value £35; Henry is to recover from Matthew Cobb £15; signed William Frasier, Charles Woodson, Thomas Childrey; ordered that division be confirmed (August Court 1765, OB 1763-1767, p. 498-502)

___ 1767

William Parker to Darby Whitlow and Nathan Whitlow, for £60, 190 acres adj. James Whitlow, Jr., Abraham Bailey, John whitlow, William Whitlow, Jr.; wit: Francis Parker, John (X) Clark; signed William Parker, John (X) Clark; signed William Parker; Mary Parker, wife of William Parker, relinquishes her dower rights (DB 1750-1767, p. 29)

25 Jan 1771

William Parker to Isaac Sharp, for 5 shillings, one negro boy Caesar; wit: Joseph Parker, Obedience (X) Lester; signed William Parker; rec. 4 Feb 1771 (DB 1767-1774, p. 248)

4 Feb 1771

William Parker of Henrico Co. to Benjamin Parker of Bertie Co., North Carolina, for 10 shillings, a negro wench named Betty; wit: Joseph Parker, William Sharp; signed William Parker; rec. 4 Feb 1771 (DB 1767-1774, p. 249)

___ 1773

John Parker and Sarah his wife to John Thurman for £24, 55 acres, being part of land whereon the said John Parker now lives, adj. Darby, Whitlow; wit: Wyatt Starke, John Chappel; signed John (X) Parker; no dower relinquishment section; rec. Oct Court 1773 (DB 1767-1774, p. 500)



William Burton and Mary Parker (Deeds, Wills, etc. 1688-1697, p. 97)

10 Nov 1790

John Parker and Elizabeth Hamblett; sur. George Hamblett (p. 73)

17 Jan 1792

Benjamin Parker and Nancy Binford of lawful age, daughter of Thomas Binford; sur. James Binford (p. 73)

25 Sep 1794

Robert Taylor Sparks and Elizabeth Parker; sur. Jephthey Parker (p. 89)

13 Feb 1796

Thomas Hamlet and Sally Parker; sur. Jephta Parker (p. 43)

24 Mar 1798

James Dannels (sic) and Susanna Blackburn, who consents; sur and wit: George Melton (p. 25)

7 Mar 1800

Sherwood Binford and Martha Parker, his ward; sur. Jonathan Brackett (p. 8)

7 Nov 1801

Benjamin Jones and Susannah Parker, widow; sur. John Parker (p. 53)

8 Jan 1802

Benjamin Jenkins and Sally West; sur. Thomas Kersey (p. 51)

4 Oct 1802

David Jenkins and Frances Priddy; sur. Benjamin Jenkins (p. 51)

15 Apr 1803

Thomas Miller and Anne Parker, daughter of Jephta Parker who is surety and makes oath Thomas is over 21 (p. 63)

17 July 1806

William Parker and Mary Rountree, ward of Jephta Parker who is surety; William is son of Jephta (p. 73)

6 Apr 1807

Richard Ragland and Mary H. Parker; sur. Cyrus Jones who makes oath Nancy is over 21 (p. 81)


It formed out of Henrico County in 1728. It’s possible that James and Ann Daniel and Lewis and Mary Jenkins and some of the Parkers didn’t have to move, but the county grew under their feet.

Main Records

8 Jan 1730

Will of John Burgain

Son: William 100 acres with my manor plantation, 1 negro; daughter Judith Burgaine, all my moveable estate; wife to be sole executrix; wit: Richard Parker and Myra (X) Parker; signed John Burgaine; rec. 10 Mar 1730 (Wills and Deeds 1728-1734, p. 234)

15 June 1731

Inventory of John Burgaine, decd. value not totaled, taken by William Moseley, Richard Parker, George Stovall; presented by Elizabeth Burgainy (sic); rec. 15 June 1731 (Wills and Deeds 1728-1734, p. 262)

15 Nov 1731

John Woodson to Robert Burton  for £50, 350 acres on north side of James R. on east side of Dover Mill, next to George Payne, Thomas Wadloe, Robert Adams, John Sutton Farrar; wit: Jos. Dabbs, James Daniel, Fleming Bates; signed John Woodson; Susanna, wife of John, relinquishes dower rights; rec. 16 Nov 1731 (Wills and Deeds 1728-1734, p. 288)

16 July 1733

John Woodson, Jr. to Joseph Woodson Jr. for £16, 260 acres, being part of a tract patented in names of William Woodson, Benjamin Woodson, Jr., Joseph Woodson, Jr., Robert Woodson, and John Woodson, Jr., lying on branches of Deed Cr.; wit: Aug’t Webber, Jas. Woods, Jr. James Daniel; signed John Woodson, Jr. rec. 4 July 1733 (Wills and Deeds 1728-1734, p. 420)

15 Mar 1734

Appraisal of improvement on John Woodson’s land at a branch of Deep Cr., called Watson’s Cr. value £313/10/0; signed Richard Parker, Joseph Woodson, Anthony Hughes, Joel Chandler; rec. 18 Mar 1734 (DB 2, p. 71)

15 Aug 1734

John Jenkins of Parish of Varina Parish, Henrico Co. to John Watson, Jr. of same for £20, 300 acres on north side of Appomattox R., bounded by branch or Little Ginnia (sic) with all houses, etc. wit: John Lasley, Edward Patrick, Benjamin X Hambleton; signed John Jenkins; Elizabeth, wife of John Jenkins, relinquishes dower rights; rec. 10 Aug 1734 (DB 2 1734-1736)

24 Dec 1734

Inventory of James Daniel, decd., valued at £41/12/3, appraised by Stephen Woodson, Stephen Cor [sic], John Lewis; presented by Ann Daniel and rec. 20 July 1736 (DB 2, p. 251)

19 Aug 1735

Will of Benjamin Woodson, St. James Parish, Goochland Co.;

To son Thomas, 200 acres I now live on;

To son Jacob, my land on Deep Cr.

Wit: Sam. Allen, Elizabeth Daniel, Hannah Daniel, Sarah Woodson

Codicil: Rest of estate to my daughter Susannah; rec. 16 Sep 1735

18 Nov 1735

Richard Parker of Goochland Co., planter, to Henry Cary of Henrico Co., Gent., in consideration of one negro named Tony, 400 acres on south side of James R., bounded by Francis Epes and Henry Hatcher; no wit; signed Richard Parker; Judith, wife of Richard, relinquishes her dower rights; (DB 2, p. 204)

Nov Court 1735

On the petition of Henry Cary, administrator of Hugh Ballentine, decd. against James Daniel and Elizabeth his wife, the parties being heard and the witnesses examined, the court rules that the petitioner recover against said James 40 shillings, plus costs (Court Orders 1735-1737, p. 10)

Same date

Ann Pleasants, a witness of Henry Cary against James Daniel and Elizabeth his wife, is ordered to be paid by said Henry Cary for 1 day’s attendance, 30 pounds of tobacco (Court Orders 1735-1737, p. 10)

Mar Court 1735/6

In an action of trespass between Tarlton Fleming, plaintiff, and James Daniel, deft. the following jury is sworn: Thomas Ballew, Robert Christian, Thomas Pattison, John Laine, Thomas Christian, Jr., Matthew Bingley, Henry Chiles (foreman), James Johnson, Thomas Bassett, Thos. Saunders, Stephen Cox, John Prior; the verdict: James Daniel had a negro named Jemmy in his possession. We find that John Daniel owned the said negro who did belong to Hannah Daniel. We find that Tarlton Fleming was appointed guardian to said Hannah. We find that Tarlton hired [rented] the negro to the defendant. We find that John Daniel took the negro out of the possession of said James. We find that John Daniel was executor of the will of the father of said Hannah. We find the will of John Daniel annexed. We find the negro was not returned to said guardian of said orphan. If the law be for the plaintiff, we find for the plaintiff, £30. The arguments are referred to be heard at next court.

In the action of trespass between Tarlton Fleming, plaintiff, and James Daniel, defendant, the following jury is sword: William Walton (foreman), John Christian, Daniel Johnson, Charles Pattison, David Walker, John Mattox, John cobs, Henry Webb, Benjamin Bradshaw, Charles Christian, Thomas Bailey, Joseph Bingley. The declaration being blank, plaintiff moves for leave to fill up the same, which is denied him by the court. The jury’s verdict: we find for the plaintiff £8 (Court Orders 1735-1737, pp. 31-32)

20 July 1736 Court

Ann Daniel presents an inventory and appraisement of the estate of James Daniel, decd. (Court Orders 1735-1737, p. 84)

21 Dec 1737

Richard Parker of Goochland Co. to Andrew Crew of Charles City Co. for £11, 180 acres on both sides of a branch of Deep Cr., bounded by George Freeman, Andrew Crew, Thomas Burch, Henry Hatcher, John Watson; signed Richard Parker and Judith (I) Parker; rec. 20 Mar 1738 (DB 3, p. 197)

16 Feb 1739

Richard Parker of St. James Parish, Goochland Co. to John Owen of same for £150, 355 acres (except 20 feet square for a burying place) as per patent 28 Sep 1730, bounded by said John Owen, Appomattox R., Letalone Cr. and William Randolph; wit: John Watson, William McRoy, Thos. X Lowe; signed Richard Parker, Judith X Parker who relinquishes her dower rights; rec. 20 May 1740; rec. 20 May 1740 (DB 2, p. 282)

26 Nov 1739

Noel Burton and Judith his wife of St. James Parish, Goochland Co., planter, to Robert Bernard of Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co.., Gent., for £80, 265 acres on south side of Willis R., bounded by the river, Ready Branch, Soakarse Run, being part of a grant of 400 acres to said Burton 26 Jan 1733, with all houses, etc.; wit: Stephen Bedford, James Daniel, Richard Burton, John X Minto, Robert Burton; signed Noel Burton, Judith (JB) Burton; rec. 19 Feb 1739 (DB 3, p. 260)

May 1737 Court

In the action of debt between James Neville, plaintiff, and James Daniel, defendant; the defendant failing to appear, a conditional judgment is granted plaintiff against defendant and John Netherland, Gent. sheriff, for what damages shall be recovered, to be discharged, nevertheless, if defendant shall appear at next court (Court Orders 1735-1737, p. 168)

15 July 1740

Richard Daniel of Goochland Co., St. James Parish, to James Daniel of same, for £60, 100 acres, being part of a patent granted to James Daniel, decd. dated 17 Aug in 10th year of our reign, bounded by Appomattox R. and Lewis Jenkins; wit: Gideon Marr, Thomas Tillman, Lewis Jenkins; signed Richard Daniel; rec. 15 July 1740 (DB 3, p. 339)

Same date

In the deed book, this next deed record is right below the previous one.

Lewis Jenkins and Mary Jenkins of St. James Parish, Goochland Co. to Richard Jenkins of same, for £60, 100 acres, being part of land granted to said Lewis Jenkins by patent 28 Feb 1733; wit: Gideon Marr, Thomas Tillman, Richard Daniel; signed Lewis (L) Jenkins, Mary (X) Jenkins; rec. 15 July 1740 (DB 3, p. 341)

16 Dec 1740

Joseph Dabbs of Goochland Co. to Orson Martin of same, for £25 land on north side of Willis r., 400 acres with all houses, etc.; wit: Job Thomas, Walter X Daniel, Eliz’a Wilson; signed Jos. Dabbs; rec. 15 Sep 1741 (DB 3, p. 467)

20 Apr 1741

Orson Martin of Goochland Co. to Walter Daniel of New Kent Co., for £15, land on north side of Willis R. being ½ of 400 acres said Martin purchased of Joseph Dabbs, bounded by said Martin and Charles Lee, with all houses, etc. Wit: Jos. Dabbs, Job Thomas, Eliz. Wilson; signed Orson (O) Martin; rec. 15 Dec. 1741 (DB 3, p. 516)

14 Nov 1741

James Daniel of Goochland Co. to Richard Taylor of same, for £5, 5 acres bounded by William Cannon, being part of 400 granted said Daniel by patent 20 Aug 1740; wit: Geo. Carrington, William Cockerham, Hugh Moor, Isaac Bates; signed James Daniel; rec. 17 Nov 1741 (DB 3, p. 488)

21 June 1743

William Woodson to James Daniel (Division) (DB 4, p. 172)

13 Aug 1743

Margaret Abbott to James Daniel (DB 4, p. 213)

24 Nov 1744

Inventory of William May, value £13/7/6 by Richard Burton, Josiah Burton, Wm Holladay; presented by John Merryman, Admin. “Effects in hands of James Daniel remain undiscovered; rec. 15 Jan 1744 (Wills 1742-1745, p. 486)

19 July 1745

James Daniel to Edmund Gray, Samuel Scott, Jacob Mosby, Stephen Sanders, Noel Burton, Thomas Harvey, Joseph Dabbs (DB 4, p. 551)

18 Aug 1746

Will of Richard Jenkins

To my father Lewis Jenkins, 100 acres in Goochland Co. and to be executor;

To Ann Daniel, featherbed, etc. and my wife’s wearing clothes; rest of estate to my father;

Wit: William Parker, Benjamin Jenkins, Isam Pruitt; Richard Parker, Judith Parker; signed Rich’d Jenkins; rec. 17 Feb 1746 (DB 5, p 208)

19 Aug 1746

Andrew Wade to Obadiah Daniel (DB 5, p. 168)

9 Sep 1746

James Daniel to Richard Weatherford (DB 5, p. 177)

This excellent researcher fills in the gaps in the previous record:

James and wife Elizabeth Daniel to Richard Weatherford, 100a, part of tract granted to James Daniel, father of above [meaning this deed] James Daniel, patented 17 Aug 1733, conveyed to the first named James Daniel by Richard Daniel. Acknowledged that same day by James and wife Elizabeth. Goochland County (Virginia, Deed Book 5, p. 177)

21 Apr 1747

Lewis Jenkins to Mary Jenkins, deed (DB 5, p. 249)

19 Apr 1748

Ann Mayo, exec. of Wm Mayo to William Daniel (DB 5, p. 416)

19 July 1748

John Witch to Edward Daniel (DB 5, p. 444)

16 Aug 1748

John Owen to Richard Parker (DB 5, p. 463)

Marriage Records

The newlywed Daniels in Goochland Co. may descend from the James Daniel who married Jane Hicks and died in 1761, in Albemarle Co. More research needs to be done to determine this. See the Daniels of Early Virginia and Beyond.

13 Oct 1795

William W. Hall m. Betsy Daniel, dau. of John and Sally Daniel; sur. Ichabod Daniel (p. 57)

19 Sep 1805

Garrett Daniel m. Nancy Comer; sur. Obadiah Daniel; Garratt is son of John Daniel (p. 91)

7 July 1806, m. 8 July

Morris Scott m. Charity Jenkins; sur. Harris Nichols; wit: Samuel Branch and J. Smith, married by Rev. John James (p. 296)

22 Nov 1809, m. 1 Dec.

Francis Blankenship m. Sally Daniel; sur. William Ship; married by Rev. Lewis Chaudoin (p. 105)

1 Jan 1811, m. 2 Jan

William Martin m. Judith Jenkins; sur. James Shelton; William Martgin is a “man of color”; married by Lewis Chaudoin (p. 109)

28 Dec 1814, m. 29 Dec

William Hodges m. Mary Daniel; sur. Thomas James, m. Rev. Lewis Chaudoin

26 Oct 1815, m. 27 Oct

Anthony Jenkins m. Jane Dobbins; sur. Austin Isaacs, married by Rev. Lewis Chaudoin (p. 125)

27 Dec 1815, m. 28 Dec.

Lewis Jenkins m. Sally Jenkins; sur. Anthony Jenkins; married by Rev. Lewis Chaudoin (p. 127)


This county grew out of Goochland in 1749, so maybe the Parkers, Daniels and Jenkins did not have to move—or at least not very far—because the new county was formed under their feet.

27 Mar 1750

Upon the attachment obtained by Hezekiah Ford against the estate of Benjamin Jenkins, he having privately removed himself and so absconds that the ordinary process of law cannot be served on him for a debt of nine pounds and seven shillings and eight pence, current money due from the defendant to the plaintiff. The sheriff having attached the following effects belonging to the said deft., to wit: a parcel of tobacco etc., chest of corn with other things in the chest; four cider casks and that he had attached the estate of the said deft. in the hands of Francis Allen, Richard Weatherford, Lewis Jenkins, who confessed as follows, to wit: the said Weatherford—one horse and nine shillings, and six pence and the said Allen—one bed and furniture; one tub or barrel of meat, one piggon (sic); one rundelet of fat; two small casks of tallow; and one plow coulter in their hands belong to the said deft. The pltf to recover nine pounds, seven shillings, eight pence against the deft. and his costs. The sheriff is to sell the attached effects by way of public auction to the highest bidder or bidders for ready money and pay the pltf. Towards satisfying his aforesaid debt and costs; adjourned (OB part I, pp. 69-70)

25 Mar 1754

Deed from Richard Parker of Southam Parish to William Parker of same, for natural love and affection he bears his son William Parker, whom is desirous to see settled, and for 5 shillings, 100 acres, where William Parker now lives and bounded by Appomattox R. , Mr. Robert Thompson,. Hutchins Burton, a Little Branch, Horsepen Cr., and old dividing line run by James Terry, a place commonly called Deer Pond; signed Richard Parker; wits: Anthony Colquitt, Frederick Hatcher, Robert Thompson; rec. 25 Mar 1754 (DB 2, pp. 114-15)

24 Aug 1755

Will of William Parker, Southam Parish

Wife Drusilla, two old negroes, Dublin and Sarah

Dau Elizabeth, two negroes Diner, dau of Sarah and Dublin, son of Sarah, but if dau were to die without issue, the said negroes to return equally between my three sons, Daniel, Obadiah, and William;

Obadiah and William the manor plantation of 100 acres obtained by deed of my father;

Son Daniel 400 acres in Halifax County on Chestut Cr., obtained by right by Daniel Terry;

To three sons increase of Sarah before the death of their mother, and after her death the two old negroes equally divided between the three sons;

Execs: my wife and my father Richard Parker and my brother Richard Parker;

Signed William Parker

Wits: Anthony Colquitt, Richard Daniel, Lawrence Smith, Anthony Christian;

Proved 22 Mar 1756

WB 1, pp. 112-14

27 Nov 1755

Deed from James Daniel and Elizabeth his wife to John Wayles of Charles City Co. for £25, 96 acres, it being same whereon James Daniel now lived and adj. land of Wayles, which he purchased of Nathaniel Bassett, the said James Daniel having heretofore purchased the land of Joseph Echols of Halifax Co. by deed dated 22 Mar 1755; signed James Daniel, Elizabeth Daniel; wits: Collins Gooding, Daniel Ragsdale, Culverain Ford Joshua (I) Doss; proved and rec 24 May 1756 (DB 2, p. 295)

Additional information:

James DANIEL, Who gave bond, 18/10/1743, as Sheriff of Goochland Co, sold the land where he lived in Cumberland Co, 27/11/1755, and moved to Halifax Co where he was living, 1/01/1757, when he sold and he had patented jointly with William WOODSON.
From: Cumberland County, Virginia, Deed book.1752-1766, p 295-97, 412-13.

25 Feb 1756

On of the petition and summons brought by Abraham Childress, plt. against William Daniel, deft. for a mare of the value of four pounds, nineteen shillings, which it is said William detains from Abraham. The plaintiff’s petition is dismissed and the defendant to recover his costs;

In the same case, on motion of Daniel Terry, a witness for William Daniel at the suit of Abraham Childress , it is ordered that Daniel pay him three hundred and forty-five pounds of tobacco for three days attendance and coming and returning fifteen miles;

The court orders the same for James Daniel for coming and returning ninety miles;

The court says the same of Harris Wilson, twenty-five pounds of tobacco, for one day’s attendance;

The court orders the same for Richard Daniel, for seventy-five pounds of tobacco for three days attendance;

Other witnesses in the case: Richard Sharpe, Thomas Tabb, and Benjamin Wilson (he attended ten days)

Order Book part IIa, pp. 376-77

22 Mar 1756

An indenture of bargain and sale between Zechariah Terry and William Daniel recorded; wits: Henry Harman, Daniel Coleman, John Harman (OB Part IIa, p. 379)

22 Mar 1756

Last will and testament of William Parker, decd., was produced by Drusilla Parker, executrix and Richard Daniel, one of the executors; wits: Anthony Colquit, Richard Daniel, and Lawrence Smith; certificate and security granted the execs (OB IIa, p. 380)

22 Mar 1756

An indenture and bargain and sale between James Daniel and Elizabeth Daniel, his wife, of the one part and John Wayles of the other part, is proved by the oath of Collins Gooding, a witness thereto (OB IIa, p. 381)

22 Mar 1756

Ordered that Humphrey Keeble, Robert Thompson, Henry Cox and George Cox appraise the slaves, if any and personal estate of William Parker, decd. (OB IIa, p. 381)

4 Mar 1760

Will of Thomas Watkins

In a long will, he names the following:

Dau Susannah Woodson, a negro woman Sarah;

Dau Mary Woodson of Goochland County and her husband Robert, slave Hannah and three children, during natural lives; then after to my three sons Thomas Watkins, Joel Watkins, Benjamin Watkins;

Dau Elizabeth Daniel (probably not James’s wife), a negro girl Matt, now in her possession and negro Sam, and Elizabeth Daniel has a daughter named Judith;

Son Joel Watkins, 3 negroes York, Cate, and Will;

Grandson Stephen Watkins, now living in Amelia County, 1 negro Branddon; if he dies before he reaches 21, then to his (sic) sister Elizabeth Watkins (sic);

Grandson Thomas Watkins, son of Thomas Watkins, one negro girl Sarah;

Son Benjamin Watkins, land in Chesterfield Co. and land in Cumberland Co; three negroes Roger, Jo, and Frank, now in his possession;

Dau Jean Watkins, £10.

Grandson, son of aforesaid Jean Wakins (sic) a negro girl Hannah, now in her possession;

Grandson Joseph Watkins, son of Jean, one negro Dick;

Granddau Hannah Watkins, dau of my son Benjamin, one negor boy named Jo;

Ann Dickens (no relationship stated), 200 acres in Cumberland Co., labor and service of two negroes Robin and Jean;

Thomas Gibson (relationship unstated) is to live, unmolested, on my plantation and ahlf fruit orchard yields;

Signed Thomas Watkins

Wits: John Watkins, Jr., Jordan Anderson, John Watkins;

Proven 23 June 1760

WB 1, pp. 199-103

22 Feb 1762

Will of Thomas Wooldridge

Son John;

Son Thomas; Son Daniel (200 acres in Chesterfield Co.);

Four daus Frances Parker, Mary, Elizabeth, Martha;

Sons Thomas Henry, Daniel, and Joseph;

Execs: friends John Watkins and Thomas Watkins;

Signed Thos. Wooldridge;

Wits: John Watkins, John Wooldridge, Thos. Hall;

Proven 24 May 1762

WB 1, p. 246

8 Mar 1771

Will of William Daniel

Son William, 200 acres I purchased of my brother James Daniel, lying in this county on Soak Arse Cr., adj. land of Alex Trent, Bradley and Thomas Holland;

Son William, one boy

Dau Judith negro girl Silva

Dau Elizabeth, negro boy now in her possession of her and her husband John Fuqua;

Dau Sarah, one negro girl;

Dau Mary, negro girl, Judah, now in possession of said dau and hjer husband, John Nelson;

Son William Pride, negro boy;

Son Hezekiah;

Son John (under 21)

Dau Rhoda;

Wife Elizabeth;

Son Benjamin;

Execs: sons William, Benjamin, William Price (sic), Hezekiah, and John

Wit: Joseph Starkey … Guthrey (?);

Signed William Daniel

WB 2, pp. 177-80

29 Jan 1775

Will of William Parker, King William Parish

Wife Magdalena Parker;

Son Stephen, land whereon I now live;

Son Thomas, land on Jones Cr.;

Son Chastain Parker;

Son William Parker;

Son Peter Parker;

My five sons;

Execs: wife and brother John Parker;

Wits: Josiah Hatcher, Peter Sublet, Jr. William Benton;

Signed Wm Parker, L.S.

Proven 28 Aug 1775

WB 2, p. 185

Dec 1790

Will of Sarah Parker

Oldest dau Elizabeth Allen Parker (under 18);

My two daus Elizabeth Parker and Nancy Parker;

Execs: brother Jesse Parker and John Holman (?)

Wits: John Hatcher and Simon Gentry

Proven 28 Feb 1791

WB 2, p. 501

Marriages: Daniels

30 Oct 1760 (before)

Benjamin Bedford and Susannah Daniel (per the will of James Daniel who d. in Albemarle Co. (this is what abstractor Katherine Elliott says)

28 Mar 1767 (bond)

William Daniel and Patty Field Allen; sur: James C. Mayo; Samuel Allen gives consent for his daughter; wits: Robert Anderson and Richard Crump

13 Dec 1788 (bond)

Matthew Willis and Martha Daniel, daughter of Abraham Daniel; sur: Leonard Daniel; wit: William Garrett

23 Nov 1789 (bond)

Elliott Coleman and Elizabeth Daniel; sur: William Daniel

26 Sep 1791 (bond)

William Spears and Polly Daniel, daughter of Abraham Daniel gives consent for his daughter to marry Mr. William Spears, Jr. – A. Daniel; sur: John Woodson;

27 Jan 1794 (bond)

Leonard Daniel and Polly Spears; sur Jesse Thomas

11 Nov 1806

William A. Miller and Lucy W. Daniel, daughter of William Daniel; sur: Henry H. Woodson; wit: Jos. Woodson

20 Dec 1806 (bond)

Robert B. Payne and Elizabeth Daniel; daughter of Mary Daniel consents; sur: Joseph McLaurine; wits: William Daniel and Drury Woodson

30 Dec 1812 (on back of bond)

Nimrod Daniel and Susanna Burton; sur. Wiltshire Burton; Susanna of lawful age

9 May 1820 (bond)

Thomas Wright and Mary Ann Daniel; daughter of Leonard Daniel gives consent; sur: James Daniel; wits: B. J. Sandidge and Jesse Jeter

12 Mar 1821 (bond)

Thomas Montague and Sarah S. Daniel, daughter of Leonard Daniel, married on 15 Mar 1821 by Rev. Joseph Jenkins; sur: William W. Montague; wit: William Faris

28 May 1821 (bond)

William Farris and Eliza M. Daniel; sur: Leonard Daniel; daughter of Micham Daniel; wit: James M. Daniel

5 July 1824 (bond)

Richard Stratton and Jane Daniel, daughter of Leonard Daniel; sur: William Stratton; wit: James Daniel

24 Feb 1827

John R. Palmore and Susan Daniel, daughter of Leonard Daniel; sur: William W. Montague; wit: A. Cheatwood

28 Sep 1827 (bond)

Robert Daniel and Mary Stratton; daughter of Robert Stratton who consents 23 Sep 1827; wit: Isham D. Goolsby

22 Nov 1833 (bond)

George W. Daniel and Judith Spencer; sur: John Daniel; daughter of Jon Spence who consents

15 Oct 1840 (bond)

Anthony A. Walton and Sarah J. Daniel, daughter of Abraham Daniel; sur: B. Hancock; wit: William L. Tolar

Marriages: Jenkins

23 Nov 1795 (bond)

John Jenkins and Betsy Hambleton; sur: Obadiah Hendrick

24 Sep 1806 (bond)

Lawrence Anderson and Ann Jenkins; sur: William Jenkins

9 Dec 1812 (consents)

Anthony Jenkins and Elizabeth Brown; sur: William Smothers; wit: William Ransome

1 Nov 1813 (bond)

William Minter and Polly Jenkins; sur: Edward Jenkins

27 May 1817 (consents)

Obadiah Jenkins and Elizabeth McGinnis; sur: Norville H. Robertson; Elizabeth signs her own consent; wit: John Jenkins and Stephen Winfree

10 June 1816 (bond)

Edward Jenkins and Thursa Cheatham; sur: William Clarke

19 July 1817 (bond)

David Jenkinss and Elizabeth Brown; sur: Ransome Brown

6 May 1820 (bond)

Tarlton Jenkins and Betsy Mayo; sur: Strabber Turpin

4 Mar 1824 (bond)

James Faris and Elizabeth Ann Jenkins, daughter of Joseph Jenkins; sir: Henry Robertson; wit: Edmund Pearce

24 Jan 1825 (bond)

George Hutcherson and Jane Jenkins; sur: Joseph Jenkins

27 Mar 1827 (bond)

Chesley Anderson and Jane W. Jenkins; sur: Elijah Winfree

29 Jan 1830 (bond)

James Huddlestone and Mary Mosby Jenkins, daughter of William Jenkins; sur: Frederick Hatcher; wit: John Cock

28 Feb 1831 (bond)

William Druen and Nancy Jenkins; sur: Thos. F. Womack

20 Aug 1833 (bond)

Joseph H. Jenkins and Julia A. E. Colley; sur: Joseph Jenkins

28 Mar 1836 (bond)

Norman Morgan and Betsy Jenkins; Philip Holt makes affidavit that Betsy if of age; sur: Philip Holt

28 Aug 1837 (bond)

Joseph Mayo and Susan Jenkins, daughter of Stephen Jenkins; sur: James L. Carrington; wit: Norman Jenkins

23 Oct 1837 (bond)

John D. Jenkins and Maria B. Sanderson; sur: Jerman L. Stratton

19 Feb 1840 (bond)

Thomas Hudson and Lucy Jenkins; sur: Samuel Hudson

16 July 1840 (bond)

Scipio Mayo and Judy Jenkins, both free persons of color; sur: Scipio Mayo Jr.

9 Nov 1840 (bond)

Anthony Jenkins, a free person of color, and Elizabeth Turpin, a free woman of color, married 11 Nov 1840 by Rev. Lewis Chaudoin, Sr.

Marriages: Parkers

16 Jan 1805 (back of bond)

John Alexander Parker and (Mary) Polly North; sur: John Richardson; Lucy Garrett consents for her daughter and says, “Mary North is upwards of 21 years old”; wits; John Richardson and Thos. Cooper

13 Jan 1806 (bond)

John H. Parker and Elizabeth Mann; sur: William Mann, Jr.; William Mann for Elizabeth Mann (no relationship stated)

5 Dec 1815 (bond)

Thomas Parker and Harriett Burton; sur: George T. Wright; consent: Felixville – 4 Dec 1815 – N. Ford consents for his ward Harriett Burton; wit: Hezekiah Ford

10 July 1819

William F. Mann and Susanna Parker, who writes her own consent; surety: William F. Mann, Jr.; wit: Ann B. Mann

6 Jan 1820 (bond)

William Jesse and Mary Ann Parker, daughter of Jesse Parker; sur: John H. Parker; wit: Isham Parker

14 Nov 1824 (bond)

Swann Meador and Susan A. Parker, daughter of John H. Parker; sur: William Anderson; wit: Jane A. Parker

21 Dec 1825

Thomas Brown and Susanna G. Parker, daughter of Jesse Parker; sur: Isham Parker; John Parker makes affidavit that Susanna is of age

23 Jan 1826 (bond)

Isham Parker and Judith Mann; sur: William F. Mann, Jr.

10 Aug 1829 (bond)

John H. Parker and Jane Duncan; sur: Philip Snoddy

30 Mar 1830

Philip Soddy and Jane Ann Parker, daughter of John H. Parker; sur: Swann Meador; wit: William Minter

23 Nov 1833 (bond)

Valentine Meador and Harriett E. Parker, daughter of John H. Parker; sur: William D. Austin; wit: Frances W. Dunkum

28 Nov 1839 (bond)

Charles Parker and Mary A.E. Hix, daughter of Samuel Hix; sur: Royal W. Blacker; wit: Jesse D. Parker

8 Mar 1840

Jesse D. Parker and Elizabeth M. Walton, daughter of Srah F. Walton; sur: John B. Robinson; wit: Isham Parker


It grew out of Henrico County in 1749, from the part south of James River.

30 Aug 1749

Francis Jenkins of Brunswick Co. to Johannah Berry of Chesterfield Co. for £23, land on north side Swift Cr., next to John Bowman and James Newby; wit: James Churchman, Simon Hancock, David Berry; signed Francis Jenkins and Frances Edmons (DB 1, p. 43)

5 Dec 1755

Churchwardens of Dale Parish to bind out to a trade Ann Spinners, daughter of Francis Spinner and Pat Jenkins, daughter of Anaka Jenkins (OB 2, p. 150)

1 Mar 1759

Peter Daniel to James Bailey for £10, 77 acres on Middle Cr., next to William Perdue and John Skelton; wit: Mary Puckett, Richard Walthall, Stephen Russell; signed Peter (X) Daniel; (unnamed) wife of Daniel relinquishes her dower; rec. 2 Mar 1759 (DB 3, p. 325)

7 Sep 1759

Thomas Yuille, James Lyle, John Esdale, and Robert Good to appraise estate of Allen Parker, decd. (OB 2, 1754-1759, p. 21)

8 May 1760

Will of William Jenkins

Son William; daughter Lucy Jenkins; son Edward; dau. Ann Jenkins; wife Drusilla; wit: Nath. Tanner, W, Lockett, Ricard Moore; codicil two daughters Lucy and Ann to be executors (WB 1, p. 401)

27 Sep 1760

Inventory of Allen Parker by Robert Good, James Lyle, John Esdale,, value £297.13.5 ½ (WB 1, Part 2, p. 432)

27 Sep 1760

Peter Daniel of Chesterfield Co. to Richard Walthall of same for £20, 60 acres, bounded by Deep Cr., Richard Walthall and Cheatham; signed Peter X Daniel; wit: Martha (_R) Nunneley, Shearman (S) Nunneley, Jacob Ashurst; rec. Nov 1766 (DB 5, p. 362)

3 July 1761

Will of William Jenkins presented by Lucy Jenkins and Ann Jenkins, execs., proved by William Lockett and Richard Moore, wits (OB 3, p. 145)

16 Mar 1762

Will of James Bailey

To sons Benjamin, James, and Richard and to daughters Elizabeth Melton and Mary Daniel, 1 shilling; all the rest to wife Lucy; wit: Stephen Daniel, Richard Moore, Jacob Ashurst (WB 1, p. 331)

4 Nov 1774

Church wardens of Dale Parish bind Martha, daughter of Doll Jenkins (OB 6, p. 62)

10 Apr 1788

Overseers of the Poor, for District 1 bind Peter Jenkins … (parent not named) (OB 8, p. 113)

22 July 1788

Robert Jenkins witnesses will of John Kershaw, along with George Nix, Ann Branch; John Kershaw’s son is John and his three daughters are Ann Johnson, Mary Shill, and Elizabeth Pankey; exec: Stephen Pankey, Sr. (WB 4, p. 182)

8 Aug 1791

Overseers of Poor, District 4, bind Jacob Jenkins, poor orphan of Batte Jenkins, as apprentice to Thomas Poland (OB 9, p. 130)

8 May 1797

Inventory of Olive Mann, no total given, done by Daniel Moore, Henry Daniel, Edward Carnes (WB 5, p. 99)


Main Records

25 Oct 1752

James Daniel of Albemarle Co. to James Cocke of Lunenburg Co. for £200, 340 acres on south side of Staunton R. granted by Patent to Peter King, 20 Jan 1746, beginning at a red oak on the south side of the river, thence south, etc. to the river thence down to the beginning; signed James Daniel; wit James Stewart, Chesley Crisp, John Crisp, rec. 17 July 1753 (DB 1, p. 36)

14 Mar 1758

Daniel Terry of Halifax Co. to James Daniel of same, for £7.10, 200 acres on branches of Wood’s Cr. beginning at a white oak on a small branch thence south … all houses, orchards, gardens, fences, woods, swamps, etc.; signed Daniel Terry; wits: Moses Terry, John Tuck, William Irby; rec. 16 Mar 1758 (DB 1, p. 411)

31 Dec 1759

Daniel Terry of Halifax Co. to William Bostick of same, for £10, 100 acres beginning at a corner in James Daniel’s line thence on said line to the mouth of a branch, up said branch … a new line, Richard Daniel’s line on said line to James Daniel’s corner … on his line to the beginning; wits: Richard Echols, John Echols, Anthony Colquitt; rec. 21 Aug 1760 (DB 2, p. 197)

13 Mar 1763

James Daniel and Daniel Terry of Halifax Co. to John Dunkley of same, for £50, 200 acres on the branches of (torn) roads Cr. (torn) crossing the creek several times; signed James Daniel, Daniel Terry; wits: Moses Terry, Richard Daniel, Anthony Colquitt; wife (name not given) of Said James Daniel relinquished her dower rights; rec. 20 Oct 1763 (DB 4, p. 432)

2 May 1763

Lewis Jenkins of Halifax Co. to James Davenport of same, for £40, 400 acres on the bold branch of Dan r., part of a tract granted to Robert Bottom (Bolton?) by patent containing 1600 acres, beginning at an oak in Col. Byrd’s line thence north; signed Lewis (X) Jenkins; wits: Richard Echols, James Daniel, Bedford Davenport; rec. 15 Sep 1763 (DB 4, p. 429)

2 July 1763

Richard Echols of Halifax Co. to Richard Daniel of same, for £200, 400 acres on south side of Bannister R., beginning on said river, thence south … David Caldwell’s line … the Race Path Br., down branch to Bannister R. and down river to the beginning, which land was granted to the following persons, viz. 196 acres to said Richard Echols by patent, containing 221 acres 25 June 1747; 180 acres granted to said Richard Echols 5 Aug 1751, 22 acres granted said Echols by patent of 5550 aces; and also 2 1/1 part on an acres which said Richard Echols of Charles Barrett and John Lewis included in one tract; signed Richard Echols; Daniel Terry, James Daniel, William Daniel; rec. 20 Oct 1763 (DB 4, p. 436)

26 Feb 1765

Lewis Jenkins of Halifax Co. to James Davenport of same for £100, 700 acres on both sides of Bold Branch and on the branches of Mirey Cr. beginning at Wendfree’s (sic) line … Samson’s line … Easley’s line … Robert Kent’s line … said Davenport’s old line … Byrd’s line; signed Lewis (X) Jenkins; wits: Richard Parker, Richard Daniel, Richard Parker, Jr., Ben Barker; rec. 15 Aug 1765 (DB 5, p. 455)

8 Apr 1765

Alman Gwyn of Halifax Co. to Richard Parker Sr., of same, for £165, 250 acres on Wolf Trap Cr., beginning at Evan Ragland’s corner, thence on col. Peter Randolph’s line to great Wolf Trap Cr. … William Wynn’s line; signed Alman Gwyn; wits: Thomas Greenwood, Benajab Parker, Moses Terry; rec. 18 Apr 1765 (DB 5, p. 316)

10 May 1765

James Seay of Amelia co. to Richard Parker, Jr. of Halifax co. for £50, 400 acres on Wolftrap Cr., beginning at William Wynn’s corner … Barrett’s line …. Crossing Wolf Trap Cr. … Griffin’s corner … Byrd’s line; signed James Seay; wits: Benajab Parker, Mary Parker, Elizabeth Parker, Joseph Jenkins; rec. 19 Sep 1765 (DB 5, p. 489)

17 July 1766

Lewis Jenkins of Halifax Co. to Thomas Potter of same, for £30, 400 acres on both sides of Pigg R. beginning on north side of the Watery Branch; signed Lewis (X) Jenkins; no wits; rec. 17 July 1766 (DB 6, p. 46)

Same date

Lewis Jenkins of Halifax Co. to Benjamin Potter of same, for £10, 200 acres on south side of Pigg R.; signed Lewis (X) Jenkins; no wits; rec. 17 July 1766 (DB 6, p. 48)

Same date

Lewis Jenkins of Halifax Co. to James Daniel of same, for £4, 1250 acres on south side of Pigg R., part of the Order surveyed for Ashford Hughes and William Gray, beginning on said river, thence on Isom’s Hall’s line … Benjamin Potter’s line; signed Lewis (X) Jenkins; no wits; rec. 17 July 1766 (DB 6, p. 51)

Same date

Lewis Jenkins to Benjamin Jenkins, for £50, 550 acres on south side of Pigg R., beginning on the river bank; signed Lewis Jenkins; no wits; rec. 17 July 1766 (DB 6, p. 55)

Same date

Lewis Jenkins to John Law, for £50, 400 acres on north side of Pigg R., beginning at a white oak corner at the mouth of Dinner Cr. thence up the creek; signed Lewis Jenkins; no wits; rec 17 July 1766

Same date

Lewis Jenkins to Isom Hall, for £10, 200 acres on south side of Pigg R. beginning on south side of said river; signed Lewis (X) Jenkins; no wits; rec 17 July 1766 (DB 6, p. 56)

Same date

Lewis Jenkins to William Steagall, for £25, 200 acres on south side of Pigg R. beginning on the river bank, thence partly west … Wotere Branch; signed Lewis (X) Jenkins; no wits; rec 17 July 1766 (DB 6, p. 58)

10 Dec 1767

James Daniel’s property is mentioned in a deed from John Dunkley to John Wade, for £12.10, 50 acres on branches on Woods Cr., part of land said Dunkley bought from James Daniel; signed John Dunkley; wits: Anthony Colquitt, David Grant, James Bell; rec 18 Feb 1768 (DB 7, p. 74, no. 33)

3 June 1768

Lewis Jenkins of Pittsylvania Co. to Shadrack Going of Halifax Co. for £35 387 acres on b.s. of Great Polecat Cr. beginning at Echols’ corner, thence his line south … Robert Walton’s line Anderson’s line to the 1st station; signed Lewis (X) Jenkins; wit: Thos. Lovelace, George Combs, Benjamin Parker, William Mays (DB 7, p. 233, no. 96)

17 Aug 1768

Richard Echols of Halifax Co. to James Daniel of same, for £100, 215 acres, more or less, part of 550 acres patented to said Echols 7 Aug 1761 on south side of Humphrey Mill Cr. beginning at a hickory on the hill at said creek, thence north … bank of said creek, up the creek as it meanders to John Bentley’s line … Barrett’s line, thence his line north … Richard Daniel’s corner and north to the 1st station; all houses, orchards, ways … signed Richard Echols; wit: none; rec. 18 Aug 1786 (DB 7, p. 199, no. 86)

2 Jan 1769

Isaac Coles to Edward Parker, for £25, 333 acres, being part of his Order of Council on Black Walnut Cr., beginning at sugar tree on the creek, running up the creek to the beginning; signed Isaac Coles; wits: William Parker, Abraham Owen, Henry (X) Owen; rec. 15 Feb 1769 (DB 7, p. 130, no. 130)

7 Jan 1769

Pryant Easley of Granville, NC, to Robert Kent of Halifax Co. for £50, 200 acres on branches of Poplar Cr., including the manor plantation, bounded by Estes upper line, Robert Kent’s line, James Davenport’s and William Sampson’s lines, the courses and lengths of the lines confirmable to said Pryant’s deed which he had of Lewis Jenkins; signed Pryant (X) Easley; wits: Adam Winders, Micajah Estes, Stephen Kent, Robert Easley Kent; rec. 16 Mar 16=769 (DB 7, p. 322, no. 140)

10 Apr 1769

Daniel Terry of Halifax Co. to Drusilla Parker of same, for £20 386 acres on branches of Miry Cr., beginning at Moore’s corner, white oak, in James Terry’s line, thence along Moore’s line south crossing a branch new lines south Justice’s lines … James Terry’s corner and lines to 1st station; signed Daniel Terry; wit: John Hendrick, George (X) Evans, William Daniel; rec. 20 Apr. 1769 (DB 7, p.  356, no. 157)

3 Jan 1771

Guardian Account of James Hill

No orphans named, but Mrs. Daniel and Sarah Weir for delivering negro wench Lucy (still born) (WB 1, p. 37); two other records about James Hill and Lucy says Mrs. Daniel is a midwife, and she gets fee of two midwives (1783 WB 2, p. 30 and p. 93)

20 Aug 1777

Will of Obadiah Parker

Mother Drusilla Parker my negro girl Sarah and Dick (a negro boy) and my horse Merey Tom, and at her death to my brother William Parker; execs: mother, Drusilla Parker and brother William Parker; wit: Moses Terry, Permeneas Colquitte, Daniel Terry; proved 18 Sep 1777, presented by William Parker; security William Terry (WB 1. P. 185)

22 May 1781

Will of James Daniel

Wife Anne: 200 acres in Pittsylvania Co., whereon I formerly lived, to be laid off joining Humphrey Hendrick and John Waters, including household plantation to her and her heirs forever; other 200 acres, part of the above tract to be sold and the money arising my wife to dispose of as she thinks good toward tuition and maintenance of my children; also a negro wench Moll, a girl Hannah with increase, a negro boy Oliver, and household furniture; after her decease everything divided among my children, hereafter named:

Moses, Jeremiah, Hopkins, Echols, Catherine, but if they cannot agree in the division of the negroes they shall be sold and the money equally divided between them;

Executors: wife Anna and brothers Terry Daniel and William Daniel;

Signed: James Daniel;

Wit: Richard Daniel, Terry Daniel, Agnes Daniel, Adam Winders;

Proved and presented: 15 Nov 1781 by wife Anna Daniel and proved by two witnesses;

Security: Moses Echols and Obadiah Echols;

(WB 1, p. 379)

15 Nov 1781

Will of Richard Parker

My (unnamed) beloved wife a lawful maintenance out of estate; son Richard Parker 10 shillings in specie or value thereof; son Benanjab Parker 10 shillings, ditto; dau. Judith Hubbard, ditto; dau Betty Finch, 60 acres run off by wm terry, likewise to daughter Betty Finch, 10 shillings, ditto; to dau. Mary Parker the tract whereon I now live 80 acres; also a negro wench Silvey and all moveable estate exec: daughter Mary Parker; signed Richard Parker; wit: Evan Ragland, Jr., Moses Blackwell, Richard Parker; proved 16 May 1782; presented by Mary Parker, exec and proved by two wits; security Benajab Parker and Richard Finch (WB 1, p. 394)

13 Apr 1782

Will of Richard Daniel Sr.

Wife Agnes: all land and tenements whereon I now live, except 150 acres bequeathed to my son Terry; negro wench Jenny

Son Terry: 150 acres part of whereon I now live bounded on one side by path that leads from William Carly’s to an old plantation whereon Jeremiah Pate formerly lived as also by Evan Ragland’s line, also by Peter Holt, etc;

Son William: a negro girl Sarah

Son Richard: a negro fellow Cato, also a woman Serger with increase;

Son David, a negro wench Hannah and a boy Jesse, with increase of said wench except a reserve I make of the next living child that she brings for my son Royall

Son Royall: child of Hannah and a wench Sukey and featherbed;

Daughter Christiana a negro wench Nancy and her child Anna;

Son Thomas Terry the land and plantation whereon I now live, exclusive of the part bequeathed to my son Terry, containing 250 acres also a negro girl Phillis;

James Daniel and wife Drusilla, who is my daughter, a negro girl to be raised and purchased out of the remainder of my estate; at their decease I give the same negro girl with increase to be equally divided amongst said Drusilla’s children

Executors: wife Agnes and sons Terry and William

Signed Richard Daniel;

Wit: Thos. Day, Mary (X) Day, Luke Powell, Adam Winders;

Proven and presented: 20 Feb 1783 and by Agnes Daniel and executors and proved by two witnesses;

Terry Daniel and William Daniel, the other executor refusing, certificate granted Agnes for probate;

Sec: Terry Daniel and William Daniel

(WB 1, p. 428)

9 Apr 1784

Will of Richard Daniel

Mother Agnes to have negro fellow Cato and a woman Serger during her life then to be equally divided amongst my brothers and sisters;

Brothers and sisters: Terry, William, David, Drusilla, Royall, Thomas Terry, and Christiana, to receive 4 cattle, 6 sheep, a featherbed and to sister Christiana a bay horse;

Executors: brothers Terry and Royall Daniel

Signed Richard (X) Daniel

Wit: Thos. Day, John Parker, Adam Winders;

Rec. 19 Aug 1784

Sec. Thomas Day and Royall Daniel

(WB 2, p. 75)

8 Feb 1785

Will of John Borum

Dau Mary, negro Rachel and her five children: Fanny, Lucy, Amy, Jesse, Champ.;

Granddau: Sally Brooks Daniel, a negro girl named Edy;

Grandson John Brooks Parker, a negro woman named Nell with all her increase except three children Phoebe, Edy, and Milly; should JBP die without, then above named slaves divided equally amongst my three children, to wit John George and Beverly;

Son George a negro fellow named Burd;

Son Beverly a negro girl Siller with all her increase;

Wife Catherine is lent six negroes named Betty, Phoebe, Lovina, Milly, Champion, and Silloma and after her death to be divided amongst sons John, George, Beverly, and she is to get remaining part of land not given to John

Son John gets 200 acres of land whereon I now live (the upper end from Parker’s line to Polecat Cr.;

Execs: wife Catherine and son Beverly;

Signed John Borum; wit: Benjamin Huddlestone, Francis Chumbley, John Huddlestone, Adam Winders; will proved 21 July 1785; security John Borum, George Borum, Beverly Borum and Daniel Parker (WB 2, pp. 123-126)

12 Jan 1786

Will of Daniel Easley

His daughter Mary Ann Parker is named in the long will; execs. Isaac Easley, Daniel Easley, Daniel Parker, Hawkins Landrum; wit: Charles Old, Robert Chappel, Samuel Landrum; signed Daniel Easley; proved 19 Jan 1786; security George Wood, James Smith, Benjamin Dickson; 26 Oct 1816 will annexed granted Thomas Easley (sic) (WB 2, p. 174)

12 Apr 1791

Will of Richard Parker

Wife Frances: money left over from sale of part of my land; enjoy and possess remainder of estate; at her death all land that is remaining unsold and the rest of whole estate shall also be sold and the money arising from thence shall be equally divided among my children: John, Richard, Thomas, William, Francis, Judith, Elizabeth, Mary, Martha, Drusilla, and Ann Hatcher;

Executors: wife Frances and my sons John and Richard Parker;

Signed: Richard Parker, 12 Apr 1791;

Wit: Elizabeth Ragland, Adam Winders, Anna Ragland, Sally Colquitt;

Probate: At court of 24 July 1797 the will of Richard Parker, decd. was exhibited, proved and recorded; John Parker, one of the executors, was granted a certification for obtaining probate; Terry Daniel, Royall Daniel and Richard Parker were his securities; liberty is reserved to Frances Parker, executrix, and Richard Parker to join in the probate when they see cause (Wills 1792-797, pp. 356-57)


4 Feb 1780

James Daniel and Drusilla Daniel; sur. Robert Wooding; wit: Moses Johnson, Smith Johnson, and Byrd Terry; Drusilla signs her own consent, p. 4

29 Nov 1785

Royal Daniel and Nancy Willingham, dau. of Jar’d Willingham; sur. Tavner (?) Nance; wit: David Daniel and Daniel Terry (sic); married by Rev. Thomas Dobson who says Winningham, p. 6

3 Jan 1785

David Daniel and Polly Waring Day, dau. of Thomas Day; sur. Henry Colquitt; wit: James Davenport and Joseph Holt, p. 6

26 Mar 1789

George Daniel and Margaret Wilson; sur. Nimrod Ferguson; married 27 Mar by Rev. William Moore, p. 16

29 Jan 1790

Christiana Daniel and Joseph Perrin, consent of Tery (sic) Daniel for Christiana, no relationship state; sur. Royal Daniel; married 6 Feb by James Watkins, p. 17

17 Feb 1790

Littleberry Daniel and Keziah London; sur. Poindexter Daniel; Keziah signs her own consent, p. 17

14 Apr 1792

Terry Daniel and Frances Parker, dau. of Richard Parker who consents and is surety; wit: Thomas Parker; married 15 Apr by Rev. Thomas Dobson, p. 25

17 Mar 1794

Sally Daniel and Peter Singleton, sur. Jeremiah Terry; wit: Susy Owing; Salley signs her own consent, p. 30

28 Apr 1800

Chesley Daniel and Nancy Sims, dau. of John Sims who consents; sur. George Camp; wit: John Morton and Martha Daniel, p. 45.


July 1760

Ordered that James Daniel’s mark be recorded which is a crop and slit in the right ear. A swallow fork in the left and that his brand be recorded which is ID (the I has a crossbar in the middle) (p. 38)

Oct 1762

On motion of Mr. Carey in behalf of Micajah Pickett and James Daniel, praying an instrument of writing under hands and seals of Tyree Harris and Robert Harris the same is accordingly granted and ordered that the clerk record the same (p. 131)

Oct 1762

The Account of James Daniel, guardian of John Gouge, orphan of John Gouge, decd, was produced by the same James Daniel and offered the court for their consideration; the said acct. is approved and ordered that the clerk record the same (p. 132-67)

Oct 1763

Ordered that David Daniel’s mark be recorded which is a crop and slit in the left ear and a swallow fork and nick in the right ear and brand DD DD (the first two DD are backwards)

James Daniel, guardian of John Gouge, exhibited into court an acct. against said Gouges’s estate, 13.15.1, which was allowed … also one shilling and 8 pence; clerk’s fees

29 Aug 1764

James Madry of Terrel Co. to John Coleman, Johnston Co. £100, proc. 320 acres in Johnston Co. on south side of Neuse R. beginning at a corner Red Oak on the bank of the Neuse R., running thence S29 W336p to a stake: S5 W333p to a stake … wits: James Daniel and Eliz. Daniel (E-1, p. 21, no. 19)

Date 1769

Ordered that subpoena issue to Wm Luton, Jas. Daniel, and Wm Daniel to appear at next court to prove a deed of conveyance from Woodson Daniel to Chs. Copland (p. 73)

4 Mar 1769

Woodson Daniel, Johnston Co., planter, to James Daniel, same, £100, N.C. 300 acres in Johnston Co. and Nuse R. beginning at Woodson Daniel corner, pine running down said river to Edward Moore … bounded between him the said Woodson Daniel and Edward Moore’s lines; signed Woodson Daniel; wits: William Pallson (?), Hannah (H) Daniel (Book F, p. 59, n. 345)

28 Aug 1770

On petition of David Daniel, overseer of the road from Col. Smith’s to the Cape Fear road, praying for a greater number of hands to work under him; ordered that same lay over for further consideration (p. 119-87)

28 Aug 1770

Deed James Daniel to Woodson Daniel, proved by Thomas Satterwhite (p. 121)

Deed from Watson Bromfield to Thomas Satterwhite … proved by Woodson Daniel (p. 121)

28 Aug 1770

Ordered that Woodson Daniel be overseer of the road in the room [place] of John Gauling (p. 122)


Deed from Woodson Daniel to David Daniel, proved by Thomas Hines


Richard Aycock v. Benj. Jenkins; verdict for plaintiff, £19 proc. And cost (p. 126)

15 Jan 1786

John Smith of Silavent Co. NC to William Bridges of Johnston Co. £140 Specie, all his right to a certain piece of land lying in Johnston Co. on north side of Neuse R. being the same which he bought of Thomas Daniel, which came to him by his wife Elizabeth Daneil, left to her by the last will of her father Nicholas Parker, containing 140 acres; wits: Brit. Smith, Robt. Gulley; rec. Feb Court 1787 (Book P, p. 136, no. 1)


This researcher says James Daniel moved to Wake County and died there:

Court Record Sep 1774 Wake County, North Carolina

James Daniel applied to have leave to keep a public house in this County which was granted; offered for security Mr Alexander Munn and Mr. James Jones who were approved by the
court. Ordered that License issue.

The same researcher has the will of Woodson Daniel, who is, according to this same researcher, a son of James and Elizabeth:

To confirm it, here is the estate sale and an invetory, where a Parker appears:

Nov 1791

Estate Sale of Woodson Daniel

Paid: John Daniel, Rd. Wilkins, James Parker, John Daniel, Gaeries (sic) Shaw, James More, Sampson Bradley, Elisha Shamel, John Hight, Isaac Shamel; exec: William Reeves; rec. 22 May 1797 (Book D, p. 38)

12 Nov 1791

Inventory of Woodson Daniel

303 acres of land; negroes with widow Daniel, 14; John Daniel, 1; Wm Clements, 2; James Parker, 2; David Daniel, Jr., 1; William Cain, 1; Spencer Talley, 2; livestock, farm and household implements; exec Wm Reeves; rec. 22 May 1797 (Book D, p. 39)

22 May 1797 (Recorded date)

Estate sale of Wm Daniel

Buyers: George Wilson, Starling Fally for Reuben; Shandy Tabley for Gabe; John Daniel for Martin; Widow Daniel for Rachel; Barney Grimes for Jim; Ricd. Dickens for Fan and child; Edward Wortham for Tom; Thomas Tompkins the mills; Jas. Parker and Wm Asley for land; Wm Beck 150 acres of land; Jonathan Shamell, 300 acres; Edwasrd Nance; exec: William Reeves (Book D, p. 37, date of sale is not mentioned but it’s around the same time as Woodson’s)


Family Heads of Georgia, 1805

Echols Daniel, of Wilkes County, m. Eliz. King, Jasper County; his mother was Anna. He got land from the lottery in Floyd Co. He was born in 1776 and died in Floyd Co. on 10 Jan 1858, at 82 years.

Hopkins Daniel, Wilkes County; his mother was Anna. He got land from the lottery in Floyd Co.

Richard Daniel, Wilkes County, Elizabeth Goulding, daughter of Henry or Fanny Burgess. He is son of James Daniel.

Happy researching! We hope you find whomever you’re looking for!


The Daniels of Middlesex County, Virginia

The Daniels of Early Virginia and Beyond.


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7 thoughts on “Parkers, Daniels, and Jenkinses of Early Virginia and Beyond

  1. My mother, Dorothy, and I descend from Parker, Daniel, and Jenkins of Old Rowan County, North Carolina, said to be originally from Halifax County, Virginia.


      • Thank you. I would like that. 🙂
        We have a royal gateway ancestor from a Howard line. We’re members of The National Society Magna Carta Dames & Barons.
        I would like to know more about the Parker, Daniel, and Jenskins lines, going back to the immigrant ancestors and beyond, just my direct lines.
        My mom is doing most of the genealogy research, but she is only interested in how everyone is related in the USA (cousins, siblings, spouses, children).


  2. I was told that Josiah Daniel b. 1756 VA , died 1830 NC was the son of Lt. James Daniel son of Capt James & Ann Parker. His wife was Elizabeth West..
    Does anyone know about this?


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