Gateway Ancestors of Virginia

They descend from royal lines several generations back and migrated to the American colonies, in this case Virginia. Added 8/20/16: gateways from NC, SC, and GA.

So far Douglas Richardson in Royal Ancestry counts 91 of them (out of 257 total) who reached the shores of the Commonwealth of Virginia. These names have been abstracted from his five-volume book.

William Clopton is ours.

Here’s the list, in alphabetical order:

  1. Abney, Dannett of King William and Spotsylvania Counties
  2. Argall, Sir Samuel, Knight, deputy Governor of Virginia
  3. Aston, Lt. Col. Walter, Gentleman, of Charles City County
  4. Barham, Capt. Charles of Surry County
  5. Batte, Henry of Charles City County
  6. Batte, Thomas of Charles City and Henrico Counties
  7. Batte, William of Charles City County
  8. Beckwith, Marmaduke, Knight, of Richmond County
  9. Berkeley, Sir William, Knight, Governor of Virginia
  10. Bernard, Anna (Cordray) of York County
  11. Bernard, Richard of York County
  12. Bernard, William of Isle of Wight County
  13. Beville, Essex of Henrico County
  14. Bickley, Joseph of King William County
  15. Booth, Thomas of Gloucester County
  16. Brent, Capt. George of Stafford County
  17. Brent, Col. Giles of Kent Island, Maryland and Stafford County, Virginia
  18. Brent, Robert, Gentleman, of Stafford County
  19. Brodnax, Dorothy (Beresford) of York County
  20. Burnham, Alice (Eltonhead) of York, Lancaster, and Middlesex Counties
  21. Calthorpe, Col. of York County, Virginia and North Carolina
  22. Carter, Eleanor (Eltonhead) Lancaster County
  23. Carter, Sarah (Ludlow) of Lancaster County
  24. Claiborne, Elizabeth (Butler) of Isle of Kent, Chesapeake Bay & New Kent, Virginia
  25. Clopton, William of York and New Kent Counties
  26. Codd, Col. St. Leger of Lancaster and Northumberland Counties and Cecil County, Maryland
  27. Conway, Martha (Eltonhead) of Lancaster County
  28. Corbin, Alice (Eltonhead of Middlesex County
  29. Corbin, Henry of Middlesex County
  30. Crymes, Dr. William of Gloucester County
  31. Culpeper, Katherine (Saint Leger) of Virginia
  32. Culpeper, John of Virginia
  33. Culpeper, Thomas of Virginia
  34. Dade, Maj. Francis of Warwick County
  35. Dale, Diana (Skipwith) of Lancaster County
  36. Diggs, Edward of York County
  37. Drake, Robert of Accomack County
  38. Farrar, William of Henrico County
  39. Filmer, Henry, Gentleman, James City and Warwick Counties
  40. Fisher, John of Northampton County
  41. Fleete, Henry of Lancaster County
  42. Foliot, Edward of York County
  43. Gerard, Thomas of St. Mary’s County, Maryland and Westmoreland County, Virginia
  44. Gorsuch, Anne (Lovelace) of Virginia
  45. Horsmanden, Warham of Charles City County
  46. Hoyle, Edward of Virginia
  47. Iremonger, Corderoy of Northumberland County
  48. Iremonger, Francis of Gloucester County
  49. Iremonger, William of Lancaster County
  50. Isham, Henry of Henrico County
  51. Jennings, Col. Edmund of York County
  52. Jones, Martha (Iremonger) of Northumberland County
  53. Kempe, Edmund of Piankatank, Lancaster (later Middlesex) County
  54. Kempe, Edward of Virginia
  55. Kempe, Col. Matthew of Lancaster and Gloucester Counties
  56. Kempe, Richard, Esq. of James City County
  57. Lightfoot, Capt. John of Gloucester County
  58. Lightfoot, Philip of Gloucester and James City Counties
  59. Ligon, Lt. Col. Thomas of Henrico County
  60. Littleton, Nathaniel, Esq., of Northampton County
  61. Lunsford, Thomas of Lancaster County
  62. Mallory, Capt. Roger of New Kent and King and Queen Counties
  63. Mallory, Thomas of Charles City County
  64. Norwood, Maj. Charles of Virginia
  65. Norwood, Col. Henry of Virginia
  66. Owsley, Maj. Thomas of Stafford County.
  67. Parker, George of Virginia
  68. Parker, Richard of Charles City and Henrico Counties
  69. Peyton, Maj. Robert of Gloucester County
  70. Randolph, Henry of Henrico County
  71. Randolph, William of Henrico County
  72. Reade, Col. George of James City and York Counties
  73. Skipwith, Grey, Knight, 3rd Baronet of Lancaster (later Middlesex) County
  74. Smith, Lawrence of Virginia
  75. Spotswood, Maj. Gen. Alexander of Germanna, Spotsylvania County
  76. Teackle, Margaret (Nelson) of Accomack County
  77. Towneley, Lawrence of Virginia
  78. Warner, Mary (Towneley) of York and Gloucester Counties
  79. Washington, Col. John of Westmoreland County
  80. Washington, Lawrence of Rappahannock County
  81. West, Francis, Esq., Governor of Virginia
  82. West, Col. John of York County, Governor of Virginia
  83. West, Lt. Col. Nathaniel of Virginia
  84. West, Sir Thomas, Knight, 3rd Lord of Warr, Governor of Virginia
  85. Whitaker, Rev. Alexander of Virginia
  86. Whitaker, Jabez of Henrico County
  87. Whitaker, Mary (Bourchier) of Henrico County
  88. Wormeley, Agatha (Eltonhead) of Middlesex County
  89. Wyatt, Sir Francis, Knight, Governor of Virginia
  90. Wyatt, Rev. Hawte of Jamestown
  91. Wyche, Henry of Jamestown

Gateway Ancestors in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia:

  1. Alston, John of Berkeley County, South Carolina
  2. Ball, Elizabeth (Harleston) of South Carolina
  3. Calthorpe, Col. Christopher of York County, VA and North Carolina
  4. Houston, Patrick 5th Baronet of Georgia

You’ll have to get Douglas Richardson’s book Royal Ancestry to start your search of your royal ancestry. Click on that link. But first trace your line back to one of the gateways through standard research. His books will help you start from the gateway ancestor and go back to the royal line.

Happy searching! I hope you find them!


Essential Records of Key Virginia Orphans Court, Part 1 (1677-1690)

Essential Records of Key Virginia Orphans Court, Part 2 (1692-1739)

The Gateway Ancestors of the Northeast

Gateway Ancestors of the Middle Colonies

6 thoughts on “Gateway Ancestors of Virginia

  1. Elizabeth Ball could be my Ancestor, would like more information on her. If it is suitable to ask, I sure would appreciate it very much.


  2. Diana Skipwith, sister to Grey Skipwith and married to Edward Dale, of Lancaster, VA is also a gateway ancestor and is on the Order of the Crown of Charlemagne gateway ancestors : She is not shown on the list above.
    Sherwin, Elizabeth (Pride) (Gibbs), of NC
    Skepper, Rev. William, of Boston, MA
    Skipwith, Diana, of VA
    Skipwith, Sir Grey, Knt., 3rd Baronet, of VA
    Smith, Lawrence, of VA
    Smith, Mary Johanna (Somerset), of Calvert Co., MD
    Somerset, Mary Johanna, of MD
    Spence, Keith, of NH


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