Thirty Reasons Not to Vote for Hillary

“That woman,” to quote Bill about someone else, is unfit for office. (This post updates the one at American Thinker.)

She would make a terrible president and Bill an equally terrible “First Gentleman” for these thirty reasons (at least these first thirty, anyway).

  1. She repeatedly denied requests from Ambassador Stevens to provide more security in Benghazi, and now he and three others are dead due to her indifference. Their names, for posterity: Ambassador Stevens; Information Officer Sean Smith; and two CIA operatives, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, both former Navy SEALs.
  2. During the attack, which lasted over a day, she refused to send reinforcements, but instead watched Obama get on Air Force One to raise money in Nevada.
  3. She lied to the families of the dead heroes about a video provoking the attack, and not terrorism vis-a-vis her indifference.
  4. She said the reset button with Russia was effective, but after its attack on Georgia, Russia has reconstituted its military and fielded new medium-range missiles.
  5. She was a cheerleader in the overthrow of friendly governments, such as Egypt, along with the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi, who had previously given up his nuclear weapons program, promising an Arab Spring in Libya. Now ISIS-style militants are fighting in the country and wreaking havoc.
  6. In Syria, hundreds of thousands of civilians have died and millions have been forced to flee as refugees. Her negligence disqualifies her from being commander-in-chief.
  7. She did not see the growing threat of radical Islam, but believed in an “Arab Spring.”
  8. She advocates for admitting more refugees from troubled Arab countries, despite the growing number of attacks in Germany and France (and soon, no doubt, elsewhere).
  9. She pushed for the Iran deal, which gives them $100-150 billion and no real incentive to stop its nuclear program.
  10. In 2009, three opponents of then-president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the election was fraudulent, so masses of people took to the street, yet Clinton and Obama affirmed the election results. The Green Revolution was suppressed brutally.
  11. Until recently and only under pressure, she has refused to say “radical Islam,” and still believes terror has nothing to do with Islamic jihad / qital against the infidel, described in the Quran itself.
  12. She may have partly opposed the withdrawal from Iraq, but as Secretary of State she should have negotiated a better Status of Forces Agreement that would have allowed our military presence in Iraq to keep things stable.
  13. She affirmatively rejected efforts to give her a email account. A reasonable person, particularly a senator and Secretary of State, should have known that a private email was not the proper conduit to receive and send classified emails.
  14. She lied about sending classified information, including classified information not being marked “classified.”
  15. She lied about all work-related emails being returned to the State Department, and about herself or anyone else not deleting work-related emails from her personal account.
  16. She lied about her lawyers reading every one of the emails.
  17. She destroyed public records over a long period of time.
  18. She was “extremely careless” (= grossly negligent) in her use of classified information through her private email account.
  19. Russia and any number of friendly and unfriendly nations hacked her email account and the Clinton Foundation, so now they have classified information.
  20. She couldn’t pass a background check to work for the government, let alone become president.
  21. She benefitted from a “double-track” justice system that allowed her to escape prosecution.
  22. The Clinton Foundation has welcomed donations from foreign countries with an interest in US foreign policies: the foundation failed to report $500,000 from Algeria for relief toward the earthquake in Haiti. It’s unclear how the foundation could help in Haiti.
  23. Shortly after other donations from various sources, the donor received favorable treatment or policy.
  24. From 2010 to 2012 there were errors in how the foundation reported donations from foreign sources in Form 990.
  25. Bill Clinton’s speaking fees doubled and tripled after Hillary became Secretary of State, e.g. $500,000 for speaking at a Russian investment bank and $750,000 to address a telecom conference in China.
  26. While her “husband” was president, she pushed for “Hillarycare,” which was worse than or as bad as Obamacare.
  27. She would continue Obama’s terrible economic policies, since they are both leftists.
  28. She is indifferent to the national operating debt of over $19 trillion.
  29. She would appoint liberal Supreme Court Justices and other liberals to lower courts.
  30. Acting like a spoiled-brat queen she is an unlikeable person, while Bill’s character is a laughingstock, as she enables a serial adulterer.

It could be argued that Trump is corrupt, too. That’s true in part, but he was compromised in the private sector, while Hillary was a high-level government official: a senator and Secretary of State.

Let’s hope Bernie’s supporters stay home in November, and moderate Republicans don’t vote for her either.

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