Leakeys of Orange and Surry Counties, North Carolina

These records go from 1755 to 1845.

Here are the raw data. We hope this helps.

Sometimes their name is spelled Lackey, Lakey, Lackie, or even Lackkey.

Alexander and his son Thomas and then his son Joel are our direct line.

This post covers only Orange and Surry Counties.

Please click on Alexander Lackey and Mary, Thomas Lackey and Ann Hadley, and Joel Leakey and Nancy Calloway.



Jan. 2, 1755

Alexander Lackkie (sic), survey, 256 acs. joins Moses Emry, Col. Rutherford, Samuel Steward, Joseph Dunkin (Granville Proprietary Land Office)

Jan. 14, 1755

John Rutherford to Alexander Lackey, grant sale, 323 ½ acs. wit: Wm. Anderson (OC Co. Deed Register, p.  2 of abstract book)

Mar. 13, 1759

Alexander Lackie to David Pinkleton, grant sale, 323 acs. wit: Thomas Clark; (OC Co. Deed Register, p.  10 of abstract book)

Mar. 13, 1759

Earl of Granville to William Leakey, grant sale, 405 acs. wit: James Carter (OC Co. Deed Register, p.  12 of abstract book)

Mar. 25, 1759

James Vestal of Orange, planter, to David Vestal, of same, planter, 20 pounds, 28 ¾ acs. on middle branch of Rocky R. begin at marked white oak on south side of Rocky R., W. 11 ½ ch., to a post, N. 25 ch., to the given line, E 11 ½ ch., S. 25 ch. to first station, part of 405 acs. Granville to William Leakey, Feb. 5, 1755, 172 acs. Leakey to Simon Hadley, Nov. 7, 175[blank], Hadley to James Vestal, Aug. 11, 1766; s. James X Vestal; wit: Jeremiah Piggott, William Hobson, Rachel Piggott; proved by Jeremiah Piggott, July term 1769 (DB 2, pp. 558-59)

Dec. 12, 1769 (sic, prob. should be 1759)

Earl of Granville to Alexander Lackey, grant sale, 256 acs. wit: Wm Churton (OC Co. Deed Register, p.  13 of abstract book)

Nov. 10, 1761

William Lackey to David Vestal, grant sale, 35 ¼ acs. wit: James Vestal, the abstracter notes James Vestal may have been a Quaker (OC Co. Deed Register, p. 18 of abstract book)

Feb. 8, 1763

Archibald Smith to William Lackey, grant sale, 90 acs.; wit: ack (OC Co. Deed Register, p. 20 of abstract book)

Feb. 8, 1763

Nehemiah Howard to William Lackey, grant sale, 90 acs. wit: John McDaniel (OC Co. Deed Register, p. 20 of abstract book)

Feb. 8, 1763

Nehemiah Howard to William Lackey, grant sale, 54 acs. wit: John McDaniel (OC Co. Deed Register, p. 20 of abstract book)

Feb. 14, 1764

Thomas Lacston to Giles Lackey, grant sale, 200 acs. wit: Andrew Ferguson (OC Co. Deed Register, p. 28 of abstract book)

July 20, 1763

Arthur Forbus, survey, 651 acs. on Burch Cr. of Ham R. joins Wm. Wiley, Wm. Forbis, Wm Wiley, Sam’l Lackey (Granville Proprietary Land Office)

July 20, 1763

David Carr, survey, 553 acs. on Buffalo Cr. joins John Donaliss (Donal), corner Arthur Fourbus, Samuel Lackey (Granville Proprietary Land Office)

Dec. 17, 1769

Alexander Lackey, of Orange, planter to William Lackey of same, farmer, forty pounds, half of tract 323 ½ acs. on waters of Eno R., which divides no. 10 and no. 19, from the said tract to the north by nos. 13 and 14, to the W by no. 9, to the S. by no. 8; signed Alexander X Lackey, William Lackey; wit: Thomas Lackey and John Woods; ack. Jan. term 1770 (DB 2, pp. 589-90)

Mar. 15, 1795

William Littlejohn of Chowan, merchant, to George Alston of Granville, one hundred and twenty pounds, 128 acres, on waters of Middle Fork of Eno R., begin at a stake the dividing line between said land and James Carson, formerly property of Lewis Garratt, W 20 ch. to a black oak on Jones (Jonas?) Chamberlin’s line N 64 ch. to a black jack, E 20 ch. to a post oak being the other dividing cor. between James Carson and Thomas Lackey; S down dividing the line of marked trees 64 ch. to beginning, ½ or one moiety of tract from Granville to Alexander Lackey 17 August 1759 (the original deed for 256 acs., by descent to Thomas Lackey per will of his father Alexander Lackey to William Littlejohn 20 October 1777; signed Wm. Littlejohn; wit: Jas. W. Smith, J. Vail; proved 2 August 1796 before Jno. Williams; James W. Smith (DB 5, p. 476-77)

Feb. 8, 1802

James Lynch to John Hubbard, both of Orange Co., 325 pounds, 295 acs, lying on N. side of Haw R., beginning at Nicholas Harder’s corner on bank of Haw R. test: Jacob Harder, Robert Lackey; signed James Lynch; rec. Feb. term 1803 (DB 10, p. 276)

June 4, 1804

Solomon and Stephen Debow of Caswell Co., to Samuel Thompson of Orange Co., $750.00, 174 acs., for land lying on waters of Eno R., adjoining the land of John Taylor, William Guy, then north to Thomas Lackey’s land; test: Herndon Haralson and A. Murphy; signed: Solomon Debow and Stephen Debow; rec. Apr. 12, 1805 (DB 11, p. 261)


1755 “This tax list is the earliest one extant for Orange County, the next one being dated 1779.”

Alexander Lackey is listed: White Polls: 1; Black Polls: 0.

White Polls and Black Polls means race.

Compiled by William Perry Johnson



Ann Lakey’s land adjoins the land John Castevens’ land on Deep Cr.

Ann Lakey’s land adjoins Elijah Carlton’s land on Deed Cr.

Ann Lakey has 100 acs. and adjoins John Castevens’ land on Deep Cr., valued $100.; no one polled


Mar. 1754

Lackey’s deed: Hon. John Rutherford, Esq. to Alexander Lackey, 320 acs. proven on oath of William Anderson (OB 1, p. 86)

Mar. 1758

Alexander Lackey qualifies as grand juror, with Thomas Thompson, Robert Lyttle, James Hart, Daniel Cain, David Mitchell, George Allen, Michael Dixon, Joseph Dunkin, William Craig, John Grist, James McAllister, James Rea, Thomas Holden, Henry Watson, William Blackwood (Court Minutes vol. 1, folio 69, page 137’ (OB 1, p. 274)

Mar. 1758

Alexander Lackey qualifies as constable, in the place John Tinnen (Court Minutes, vol. 2, folio 1, page 140; OB 1, p. 280)

Mar. 1758

Deed of sale from Alexander Lackey to John Anderson, for 2 acs. of land, proved in open court by John Pinkerton (OB 1, p. 278)

June 1758

Deed of sale from William Leakey to Edward Bray for 202 ½ acs.; ack. by Edward Bray (OB 1, p. 298)

Mar. 1760 (Corbin Town)

Cairns Tinnen is appointed overseer of roads in place of Alexander Lackey (Court Minutes vol. 2, folio 37, p. 212)

May 1763

Adam Lackey is ordered to work on the road (OB 2, p. 588)

May 1763

Deed of sale from Arthur Smith to William Lackey (no acreage), rec. (no date) OB 2, p. 589)

Nov. 1777

A deed from Thomas Lackey to William Littlejohn (OB 3, p. 1084)

Feb. 1778

Deed from Thomas Lackey to John Debow, duly proved in court by Hugh Teening (OB III, p. 1113, folio 16)

Aug. 19, 1772

Transcription Begins:

Will of ALEXANDER LACKIE (sic), deceased.

In the name of God, Amen. I, ALEXANDER LACKY [sic] of Orange county in the province of North Carolina, being very weak in body, but of sound memory, blessed be God, do this nineteenth day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy-two, make and publish this my last will and testament in manner following.

My soul I recommend to God who gave it and my body to be buried in a decent Christian like manner according to the discretion of my Executors, and as touching what worldly estate it has pleased the Lord to bestow upon me, it is my will that it be disposed of as follows.

And first, it is my will that all just debts and demands against me be answered and fully satisfied.

It is my will that a certain plat or tract of land situated on the waters of Eno, being the rest of the tract of land which I formerly conveyed by deed to my daughter MARY and her husband MORDECAI MOOR, be sold to raise money to portion my daughters as follows.

I give and bequeath to my daughter MARGARET, forty pounds to be paid when the money can be raised without damage to the estate; also one sorrel mare and a side saddle, and one cow and calf; also a bed and bed clothes and a loom and tarklings [sic], and a spinning wheel.

And to my daughter SARAH, I give and bequeath forty pounds to be paid at such time as mentioned above, for the payment of my daughter MARGARET’s portion; also a colt come of the mare I bequeathed to my daughter MARGARET as above; also a side saddle and one cow and calf; also a bed and bed clothes and spinning wheel.

Also I give and bequeath to my beloved wife MARY, a horse to be valued at about twelve pounds and side saddle; also two cows and calves; also it is my will that said wife be allowed a suitable livelihood maintenance on the said tract of land I now live on whilst it is in the possession of my sons THOMAS [our direct line] and WILLIAM, and if they or either of them dispose of either of their part of the said tract of land, it is my will that my said wife be allowed fifty pounds to be paid one half by my son THOMAS, and the other half by my son WILLIAM in equal portions as they receive consideration money for the said land. Also I give and bequeath to my said wife her bed and bed clothes and spinning wheel;

Also I give and bequeath to my son THOMAS, the one half of tract of land I now live on, said tract being divided in equal portions by a straight land from East to West, my said son THOMAS shall possess the north end, to him and his heirs and assigns forever.

And to my son WILLIAM, I give and bequeath the south end of the said tract of land so divided as above, to him and his heirs and assigns forever.

Also I give and bequeath to my daughter MARY MOORE five shillings. To my Daughter ELIZABETH BONEY, I give and bequeath five shillings, and as to the rest of my personal estate which has not yet been disposed of, it is my will that it shall be impartially valued and the one third part be allowed to my wife MARY; one third part to my son THOMAS, and the other third part to my son WILLIAM. And I make and ordain my wife MARY and my son THOMAS, my Executors of this my will, in trust for the intents and purposes in this my will contained.

In witness whereof, I the said ALEXANDER LACKIE [sic], have to this my last will and testament, set my hand and seal the day and year above written.


John Tinnin

Joseph Tinnin

William Anderson


Produced in open court and duly recorded.

Francis Nash, clerk

Transcription Ends.



Apr. 9, 1804

Frances Lakey is bondsperson for John Stewart and Hollon Head

Sep. 22, 1816

Lydia Lakey m. Thomas Kell; Thos. Holcomb, Bond

Mar. 13, 1820

Sally Lakey m. Jesse Peirce; Frank Lakey, bond

Jan. 17, 1829

Matilda Lakey m. David Hobson; Jonathan North, bond

Sept. 28, 1844

Benjamin Lackey m. Belinda Cook; Gideon J. McMickle, bond

Aug. 2, 1845

Mary Lakey m. Thomas Williams; Thomas A. Patterson, bond


Aug. 11, 1779

Charles Cates v. William Lakey, slander (OB 1)

Feb. 14, 1785

Ordered that Elizabeth Lakey be released from paying the poll tax for 1784 (OB 1)

May 14, 1785

John Lakey was witness for James Ramey in the matter of James Ramey v. Justice Reynolds, 16 miles, 5 days (OB 1)

May 14, 1789

In the matter of State v. Gideon Reynolds (Def. not guilty), Susannah Lakey was witness for defense, and so were Thomas Hadley, Eunicy Hadley (OB 2)

Feb. 3, 1802 (Tue.)

Joel Leakey and Joel Rease (sic) are security for Jesse Johnson who is renewing his constable bond (Court Minutes 1801-04)



Capt. Samuel Freeman’s District

William Lakey is polled at one;

Neighbors: Jacob Free, George Forbush, Richard Rabon, Isaac and John Runnels and negro tanner, John Pips and Henry Myers, William Nickles Cook and John Cook


John Lakey owns no acres, no horses or mules, but 6 cattle (1782 List of Taxables, p. 85)


Aug. 5, 1778

John Booth enters 300 acs. on S. fork of Forbushes Cr. adjoining William Kirkpatrick, potters claim including Chestnut Hill and whereon Henry Lakey now lives for complement (warrant grated to H. S.) (Land Entry 392)

Nov. 12, 1778

William Kirkpatrick enters 300 acs. on Forbushes Cr. including William Leakey’s improvements for complement (warrant grated to R. L.) (Land Entry 946)

Dec. 21, 1778

Thos. Lakey enters 100 acs. on both sides of Forbushes Cr. adjoining Elizabeth Lakey including my improvement (May 11, 1779, entry withdrawn and money refunded) (Land Entry 1082)

Dec. 30, 1778

Peter Coleman enters 200 acs. on the head of the W fork of Forbises Cr. adjoining the land of Thos. Lakey, including his own improvement for complement (warrant granted to H. S.) ( Land Entry 1172)

May 11, 1779

Youngs Coleman enters 300 acs. on waters of Forbis’s Cr. adjoining William Lakey’s entry, including his improvements (warrant granted to H. S. (Land Entry 1580)

Feb. 13, 1801 (Fri.)

In the matter of Francis Locke, Esq., v. John Steelmon, Simon Lakey serves on jury, who find for plaintiff and assess damages at £26.02.06, plys 6 d. costs (OB III)

Nov. 10, 1801 (Tue.)

A deed from Joel Lakey to Thomas Thornton, proved in open court by affirmation of Simon Hadley, Sr. (OB III)

Aug. 12, 1805 (Mon.)

Deed from Joel Lakey to George D. Holcomb, proved in court by George Holcomb Sr. (OB IV)

Mar. 1, 1801

Thomas Lakey appears with his wife Ann in his father-in-law Simon Hadley’s will (WB 3, pp. 57-58)

Sept. 25, 1807

Jeptha Lakey, son of Margaret Lakey, appears in nuncupative will Johnson Summers’ will (WB 3, p. 83a)


Alexander Lackey and Mary,

Thomas Lackey and Ann Hadley,

Joel Leakey and Nancy Calloway.


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