The ‘Establishment’ will have to save Trump and country

This surprises the Trump supporters, but read the piece and you’ll see why.

Updated Nov. 10, 2016 and March 25, 2017

Trump has made contradictory and outlandish statements, but let’s take just a few of them that he repeats. Maybe he intends to implement them.

The “Establishment” will have to save him from them. His supporters will deny he needs rescuing, but the evidence, offered below, proves otherwise.

Now what is the Establishment?

It has become every bit the catch-all buzz word for the right as Big Corporations and Wall Street have become for the left—but even more ill-defined and amorphous.

If I define the Establishment as a conservative think tank or online magazine or a bureaucrat, for example, then it must be so because I say so. But if they deny they’re a part of the cabal, then it must not be so because they don’t define it like that.


With only a smidgen of satire and irony to prove a point, then, let’s define the term as any living, breathing human who works in Washington, DC, or the government or news media or think tanks for longer than last Tuesday and wields even a little power or influence. Meaningless.

  1. The leaders of the Establishment in the House and Senate will have to stop Trump’s evisceration of NAFTA.

The North American Free Trade Agreement has far more advantages than downsides. The free flow of goods crossing the borders between Canada, the USA, and Mexico cuts costs and red tape, to cite only those two benefits.

Speaker Ryan and Senate Majority Leader McConnell, two stalwart members of the big E, will have to persuade Trump not to hamper business in a slow economy with his misguided and destructive goal. “Congress,” which has the full backing of Article One, won’t be able to moderate his views. Only the Establishment can—or dare. Confused thinking.

  1. The same leaders in the Establishment will have to persuade Trump not to slap tariffs on imports.

If he imposes them on a few items, then this won’t damage the US economy. But if he wages an all-out war, then Ryan and McConnell will have to tell him that businesses will not return to the US because they will wait for his first term to end—and end it will if the voters have to pay 35-45% more for goods.

True, trade improvements may be in order, but not a trade war on many fronts. Those two Establishment humans will have to explain to him one of the iron laws of economics. The higher the price for a product, the fewer people will buy it—or buy less of it. And when people don’t buy things as often or as much, the economy slows down. Recession. Maybe even a Depression (see the Smoot Hawley Tariff Act).

Ryan and McConnell will have to inform him that the US regulation bureaucracy should be cut back instead of waging a counterproductive a trade war on businesses and American consumers.

  1. The Establishment will have to tell him to work with our allies instead of keeping them off-balance.

In foreign affairs, he has said he doesn’t want to be predictable, even with our allies. He apparently believes unpredictability gives him the edge in negotiations. That may be true in adversarial negotiations, but why treat our allies as adversaries?

It’s not clear which humans in the Establishment will have to persuade him to adopt a more cooperative approach with our allies. The State Department? The Joint Chiefs? (Establishment!) Maybe the Establishment at Nation Review Online will have to step up with an editorial.

  1. The Establishment will have to tell him not to deport 11 million humans who don’t have their paperwork straightened out.

This is so insane we don’t need to spend a lot of time on it. But who among the amorphous, ill-defined Establishment will have to help him to back away from the ledge? Immigration and Naturalization Service? NRO again? Ryan or McConnell?

  1. The Establishment will have to school him in the separation of powers in the Constitution.

Despite the close, razor-thin win, he’ll still believe he has a mandate. (His ego is huuuge.) He might go wild with executive orders to impose his will, if the Establishment doesn’t jump when he orders it.

6. The Establishment will have to help him navigate through the legislative branch.

The Freedom Caucus won’t do it. They’re stuck in the reactionary past of Obama’s first term.


The amorphous, ill-defined ‘Establishment’ will have to save Trump from himself and thereby save the country.

It’s time to stop hunting the white whale called the ‘Establishment’ and work together to help our country. If Trump succeeds, we all do–if he listens to seasoned Republicans.

But will his hard-core supporters and turbo-conservatives (not necessarily the same) give the clear-thinking Establishment credit for the rescues? Of course not.

But I say: Thank God for the “Establishment!”


In  Defense of the GOP “Establishment,”

The GOP has not given Obama and Dems ‘everything’ they wanted,

Reagan’s balanced and reasonable politics (which points out how he resisted turbo-conservatives throughout his governorship and presidency).

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