The GOP has not given Obama and Dems ‘everything’ they wanted

The imperfect GOP have been stalwarts in resistance.

No, the GOP is far from perfect, but the belief that the GOP has given Obama “everything he wants” is demonstrably false.

Over at NRO, Charles C. W. Cooke lists the issues against which the GOP has stood as a block to Obama’s agenda:

Had the GOP not been standing in the way — both from 2008, when it was in the minority everywhere, and from 2010, when it regained the House — the United States would look dramatically different than it does today. Without the GOP manning the barricades, Obamacare could well have been single payer, and, at the very least, the law would have included a “public option.” Without the GOP manning the barricades, we’d have seen a carbon tax or cap-and-trade — or both. Without the GOP manning the barricades, we’d have got union card check, and possibly an amendment to Taft-Hartley that removed from the states their power to pass “right to work” exemptions. Without the GOP standing in the way, we’d now have an “assault weapons” ban, magazine limits, background checks on all private sales, and a de facto national gun registry. And without the GOP standing in the way in the House, we’d have got the very amnesty that the Trump people so fear.

The House and Senate GOP also sent a bill to Obama defunding Planned Parenthood and repealing and replacing Obamacare. Predictably, Obama vetoed it.

But the GOP’s beneficial standing in the way does not stop there.

Steny Hoyer is Democratic House Whip from Maryland. His staff put together a huge list of GOP actions that they call “obstruction” (I count 71 items on the list). It’s more accurate to call it acting like winners. When the GOP’s opponents claim the GOP stood in their way, then the GOP is doing something right. When Dems lose the House, they’re the obstructionists. Please click on that link to read the victories.

So why is this important?

There is a widespread belief among conservatives of the more robust variety, spread typically by talk radio, that the GOP has caved to Obama, so we need to lurch farther to the right. That’s why solid conservative Paul Ryan is foolishly being primaried (and Mitch McConnell was in 2014).

The truth, however, is clear. The GOP has done its job remarkably well, since Obama has the constitutional veto. It’s time to stop the circular firing squad and the blame game and unify to defeat Hillary in the fall.


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