Men in Black at the GOP convention

Remember the old movie titled Men in Black?

Mysterious forces will overwhelm the convention. Here’s how it will actually happen at the convention.

In the movie Men in Black (1997), starring ­­­­Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, monsters come out at night, and the Men in Black (they wear black suits) destroy them or push them back into the sewers. In the aftermath, in the early morning, the men shoot out a blue pulse over the city to make witnesses forget about the aliens.

 “Ultra-pure,” “hard-core” and “radical” conservatives (Reagan’s terms from whom he distanced himself in his autobiography) talk about the “Establishment” as if the Men in Black, aka the “Establishment,” can shoot a pulse out over the electorate and make them vote for their candidates.

Down with the “Establishment”!

Reality: Trump does the worst against Hillary. Though her negatives are bad, his are really bad. Tough to do against a damaged Hillary. Following Trump, “very conservative” Cruz also doesn’t do too well against her. Moderately conservative Kasich and solid conservative Rubio enjoy (or used to enjoy) the strong possibility of defeating her.

Right on cue, however, the anti-Establishment primary voters have placed Trump first and Cruz second. Kasich is a distant third, while Rubio is gone.

 The Men in Black must have shot the wrong pulse over GOP land. They had wanted “Establishment” candidate Rubio to win, after all (and let’s not even talk about super-“Establishment” Jeb and his millions of advertizing dollars wasted).

Though it is looking more and more like Trump, riding on his tsunami, will get to 1237+ delegates before the convention, let’s imagine that he doesn’t.

RNC Chair Reince Priebus said in an interview on the Hugh Hewitt show that the nomination process will go as follows:

… I mean, you know, the people out there that are trying to stir up all of these stupid controversies that somehow or another we’re all sitting around at some DC restaurant trying to put rules together, look, the only way this is going to work is if we play this straight up, open, honestly, and whoever ends up becoming the nominee and getting the majority of delegates is going to be the nominee. And if someone can get the majority of delegates before Cleveland, they’re going to be the nominee. There is no undoing 1,237 bound delegates at the convention. So all of that silliness is just a bunch of bunk. So now people move to the next question. Well, what happens if no one gets to the 1,237? Well, we’ll wait and see what happens over the next few weeks. But if that happened, then the same thing. You’ve got to just play it up. You go to your balloting, and you have the delegates vote. And whoever the delegates vote for is going to be the nominee, period.

 But will his words matter to the anti-Establishment voters? Of course not. The words only prove the opposite. Priebus and the “Establishment” really will control things. He was just covering up the hidden process in the public interview.

But what would happen if Trump is nominated on the second ballot because he got past 1237? Will his supporters cry foul? Of course not. Things went their way.

What would happen if Cruz got the nomination after several rounds of ballots? Trump supporters would say the voting was rigged and controlled by the “Establishment.” Some might even riot.

Hypothetically, even if someone else, say, “Establishment” figure Paul D. Ryan were drafted in because the delegates can’t decide after several rounds of voting, they would still have to vote for the new candidate.

There is no cabal of “Establishment” Men in Black who will meet in a smoke-filled room to decide things at the convention. There is no blue pulse.

The people decide election outcomes. The delegates vote.

It would be beneficial to conservatism if certain overpaid, ultra-pure radio hosts, who spend too much time in their echo-chamber studios, would tell their listeners about the democratic process, instead of the cabal.

As noted, however, it looks like erratic, anti-Establishment, outsider Trump will win the nomination before the convention. But will his nomination win slay the amorphous, ill-defined “Establishment” once and for all in the eyes of a certain segment of the primary voters?

No, because they simply resisted the blue pulse. They shall always stand vigilant against the blue pulse, to protect the Republic.

One thought on “Men in Black at the GOP convention

  1. Dr. Jim, I enjoy your posts, and I agree that it could become a little interesting as the rnc comes closer to its inception. I am, what I term, a working mans’ theologian and have been a preacher and teacher of Scripture for 30 years as a missionary in America and overseas, A teacher, and preacher. I am also a presidential candidate who is the only limited government, return the federal government to its Constitutional parameters, candidate who has a plan for doing so. Please visit my website, to access these, I believe,Re- revolutionary documents. I am available for interviews, speeches, and debates at your convenience. Keep up your good and useful work, Brother. A fellow American, John Cole


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