Tough Immigration Questions for Ted Cruz

No, it’s not a form of birtherism. It’s something more substantive and sane.

Right now I would take Cruz over Trump, though neither one would be best against Hillary–Rubio, now out, and Kasich always outpoll her.

Nonetheless, after negotiating and voting at the convention, let’s imagine the delegates sensibly choose Ted Cruz over Donald Trump in the end. He’s now the nominee.

He has an extremely tough stance on immigration, stating clearly he doesn’t even favor legalization (different from citizenship) for illegals.

In a debate or throughout the one-on-one campaign, Hillary and the hostile news media will grill him with these sometimes unfair questions. Ted’s background and family will be probed, so it’s no good to claim family immunity.

He better have ready answers to questions like these, because when he is the nominee, I want him to win.

  1. Why don’t you allow immigrants who don’t have their paperwork in order even to get on a path to legalization, whereas you leave them in legal limbo?
  1. Your parents emigrated from Canada in about 1974, when you were around four years old. Your father got his American citizenship in 2005, living in the U.S. for thirty-one years. How could it take so long?
  1. President Reagan offered amnesty in 1986. Why didn’t your father apply for citizenship then?
  1. Why won’t you let the immigrants have the same chance, even if it isn’t full citizenship, but simply legalization?
  1. If you say everything about your father’s immigrant journey was legal, don’t you believe the news media and the DNC will rummage around in his paper trail to find any irregularities or gaps in your father’s thirty-one years of living here before he got his citizenship?
  1. Did he ever apply for citizenship in those thirty-one years and fail to get it?
  1. At long last your father got his citizenship while you were the Solicitor General of Texas from 2003 to 2008. How long did it take him to complete the whole process, from application to citizenship, from beginning to end?
  1. Did you use your influence in the Texas government to put him on the fast track to citizenship, while you deny millions of immigrant families their path even to legalization, which, to repeat, is different from citizenship?
  1. If you did not use your influence, then why did he get it in 2005 and not during the thirty-one years he had lived here?
  1. Isn’t it inconsistent and hypocritical to deny people their path towards legalization, though they have lived here a long time and have been productive members of society?
  1. You had dual citizenship with Canada and the US until you renounced it in 2014. Why did it take you so long?
  1. Did you renounce it only for political reasons in the build up to your presidential ambitions?
  1. Are you honestly going to tell the American people that if you had had dual citizenship with Mexico and the US, you could run in the Republican Party?
  1. Isn’t it the widespread reputation that the GOP hates immigrants who come from south of the border, but Canadians are fine with them?
  1. Or do you oppose legalization for all illegals from any country, including those with special skills but who have overstayed their visas?
  1. Hillary offers the immigrant families a fast track to citizenship. Why wouldn’t they vote for her in droves?
  1. Do you really believe there are millions of white conservative voters out there who stayed home in 2012, and who will come out and vote for you and propel you to victory, without the citizen offspring of illegals and other minority voters?
  1. Isn’t it principled conservatism to build coalitions and increase the number of voters, without compromising the reasonable principle of legalization, after the illegals overcome some hurdles like paying a fine and back taxes?
  1. Are you aware that Gov. Reagan’s reached out to the Hispanic community in East Los Angeles a mere decade after Eisenhower’s unworkable and misguided and harmful Operation Wetback?
  1. In the Age of Social Media and a billion dollars spent mainly on TV ads, do you really believe you can pivot towards the center in the general campaign and get away with it?

Let’s wrap this up.

No, this post is not about birtherism. (I despise it.) He is a US citizen because his mother is. He’s eligible for the presidency.

But he will have to answer those hard personal family questions, sometimes unfair, vis-à-vis his unusually tough immigration stance today. It will be no good to claim immunity for his family.

The DNC and the media don’t play fair.

Logically and by self-interest, minority voters won’t choose Ted over Hillary. They will flock to her in droves.

Ted Cruz is vulnerable—very vulnerable in the generals.

It’s clear (to me at least) there’s no way Ted could ever defeat Hillary in the generals without the minority voters and the centrists who always decide presidential elections, unless her corruption deepens week by week, possibly to the point of indictment.

Which is a troubling commentary on the degraded state of politics today, left or right.


Five reasons not to vote for Ted Cruz;

Reagan’s balanced and reasonable politics,

Gov. Reagan’s Secret Missions (his outreach to minorities),

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