The Real Meaning of Christmas

This is the true meaning of his birth, as laid out in Scripture.

He was in heaven … but chose to come to earth.

“Who will go to redeem sinful humanity?” “I will go.”

He was in Pure Light … to bring us out of darkness.

He is about to leave his throne of glory … to be in our squalid story.

Living in infinity … soon to be clothed in our humble humanity.

Dwelling in eternity … soon to enter our limited time and space.

Blessed and favored virgin … so we are now blessed and favored.

“Do not be afraid … for you are chosen” … so we can now be chosen.

Your baby will be the King … to lead us to God.

“How can this be? I am a virgin” … so God can work miracles for us.

His name is Yeshua … he is our Savior.

His name is Emmanuel … God is with us.

She humbly surrendered to the will of God … to teach us to trust when we can’t understand.

He was conceived by the Spirit in social disgrace … to bring us right standing.

The Son of God encompassing the universe … to become the tiny seed of Abraham.

Conceived by the Spirit … so we can be filled with joy.

In the darkness of the womb … to be the light of the world.

Joseph almost put her away … but dreamed the plan of God.

Elizabeth hears Mary’s voice and preborn John filled with the Spirit … so we can be filled too.

Mary sings her song … his plan for our redemption and light, the mighty deeds of God.

A mighty census and tax were ordered … to lead us to the promise of Bethlehem.

Journey from Nazareth to obey the prophecy … so we can see a destiny.

Arrival in Bethlehem … to bring our journey to completion.

No room at the inn … do we have room in our hearts?

Born in a manger … to become the food of our life.

Born on straw … to remind us we are but grass.

Born sinless … to redeem us from our sins.

Born once … so we can be born twice.

Born among foolish humanity … to be our Mighty Counselor.

Born to carry the government on his shoulders … so we are no longer burdened.

Born under Roman oppression … to bring us freedom.

Born under religious law … to redeem us under the law, so we can be adopted.

Born in turmoil … to be our Prince of Peace.

Born to increase endless peace … so he can lead us towards it.

Born for godless humanity … to be our Mighty God.

Born for fatherless humanity … to be our Everlasting Father.

Born to establish justice and righteousness … will we go alone, by ourselves?

Born in poverty … to offer us the riches of his kingdom.

Born to die … so we can live forever.

Wrapped in strips of cloth … so we can be clothed in grace.

Angels sing of his birth … to announce the good news of great joy for us today.

Humble shepherds visit the Holy Family … and spread the word for us today.

Wise men kneel before their King … do we kneel before him in our hearts?

They offer luxurious gifts … to the Mighty Giver of gifts to us.

Journey to the Temple … to build a living temple of his people.

Circumcised … to usher in a New Covenant for all humanity.

Simeon says he has seen his salvation … do we see ours?

Anna looks forward to the redemption of Jerusalem … do we accept our redemption?

An Angel warns Joseph not to stay in Bethlehem … so we don’t have to flee in fear.

Rachel weeps for her children … now he weeps for all his children of earth.

Flight to Egypt … to redeem us from bondage in our own personal Egypt.

Return to Israel and childhood in Galilee … where he will shine a bright light.

Growth in wisdom and favor with man … so he becomes our wisdom and favor.

In the hustle and bustle, let’s not lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas.

It’s all about our redemption.

1 thought on “The Real Meaning of Christmas

  1. Rubio has possibilities for the future, but right now he is covered in the political trappings of being a Speaker in Fla., and so far he’s repeating that $$$$$$$ crap. Just a little too slick. He’s currently indistinguishable from the likes of Mr. Boehner, whose schtick was always…do one small good thing to excuse ten huge sellouts, all of which cost more money…and the taxes therefore remain always higher, but he, of course, raises $ to spread around to others.
    Who cares that he might be electable!
    I’m an old political war horse myself, so don’t bother telling me about some of the good he could, do, because the price is too high.
    He needs to take a long hot shower and scrape off the slime.
    Still, I see he has possibilities. 8 years tutelage under Cruz might just help in that regard.
    Thanks for your service in the political wars,
    Kent S. Wilcox
    East Lansing. Mich.
    I ran a state agency for many years!


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