The real meaning of Christmas

This is the true meaning of his birth, as laid out in Scripture.

He was in heaven … but chose to come to earth.

“Who will go to redeem sinful humanity?” “I will go.”

He was in Pure Light … to bring us out of darkness.

He is about to leave his throne of glory … to be in our squalid story.

Living in infinity … soon to be clothed in our humble humanity.

Dwelling in eternity … soon to enter our limited time and space.

Blessed and favored virgin … so we are now blessed and favored.

“Do not be afraid … for you are chosen” … so we can now be chosen.

Your baby will be the King … to lead us to God.

“How can this be? I am a virgin” … so God can work miracles for us.

His name is Yeshua … he is our Savior.

His name is Emmanuel … God is with us.

She humbly surrendered to the will of God … to teach us to trust when we can’t understand.

He was conceived by the Spirit in social disgrace … to bring us right standing.

The Son of God encompassing the universe … to become the tiny seed of Abraham.

Conceived by the Spirit … so we can be filled with joy.

In the darkness of the womb … to be the light of the world.

Joseph almost put her away … but dreamed the plan of God.

Elizabeth hears Mary’s voice and preborn John filled with the Spirit … so we can be filled too.

Mary sings her song … his plan for our redemption and light, the mighty deeds of God.

A mighty census and tax were ordered … to lead us to the promise of Bethlehem.

Journey from Nazareth to obey the prophecy … so we can see a destiny.

Arrival in Bethlehem … to bring our journey to completion.

No room at the inn … do we have room in our hearts?

Born in a manger … to become the food of our life.

Born on straw … to remind us we are but grass.

Born sinless … to redeem us from our sins.

Born once … so we can be born twice.

Born among foolish humanity … to be our Mighty Counselor.

Born to carry the government on his shoulders … so we are no longer burdened.

Born under Roman oppression … to bring us freedom.

Born under religious law … to redeem us under the law, so we can be adopted.

Born in turmoil … to be our Prince of Peace.

Born to increase endless peace … so he can lead us towards it.

Born for godless humanity … to be our Mighty God.

Born for fatherless humanity … to be our Everlasting Father.

Born to establish justice and righteousness … will we go alone, by ourselves?

Born in poverty … to offer us the riches of his kingdom.

Born to die … so we can live forever.

Wrapped in strips of cloth … so we can be clothed in grace.

Angels sing of his birth … to announce the good news of great joy for us today.

Humble shepherds visit the Holy Family … and spread the word for us today.

Wise men kneel before their King … do we kneel before him in our hearts?

They offer luxurious gifts … to the Mighty Giver of gifts to us.

Journey to the Temple … to build a living temple of his people.

Circumcised … to usher in a New Covenant for all humanity.

Simeon says he has seen his salvation … do we see ours?

Anna looks forward to the redemption of Jerusalem … do we accept our redemption?

An Angel warns Joseph not to stay in Bethlehem … so we don’t have to flee in fear.

Rachel weeps for her children … now he weeps for all his children of earth.

Flight to Egypt … to redeem us from bondage in our own personal Egypt.

Return to Israel and childhood in Galilee … where he will shine a bright light.

Growth in wisdom and favor with man … so he becomes our wisdom and favor.

In the hustle and bustle, let’s not lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas.

It’s all about our redemption.

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