Paris Attacks and Left’s Foreign Policy

First, let me say how much I sympathize with the Parisians. I lived there for 16 months, in the 16th (near Bois de Boulogne) 11th and 12th arrondissements (districts), doing odds and ends, helping out a couple of  Evangelical churches and the Anglican church, St. Michael’s. This is updated from the original post on American Thinker.

We all sense it. Here’s the chain of responsibility for the Paris massacre, in causal order, as far as the US is concerned:

1. The proximate cause: the eight or so killers who pulled the triggers

2. Then come Islamic planners behind the scenes (obviously a military hit squad that came into France recently, but with homegrown help)

3. Isis, who swept into the void and conflict, taking territory the size of Indiana

I could insert other causes, like their harsh (but not illegitimate) interpretation of Islam, but let’s move to the Administration’s indirect complicity.

4. Obama policy’s and his campaign promise, coming out of his misguided beliefs, that said Iraq is at peace, so we can withdraw from the region. Do I need to mention the red line that got blown away by the desert sands and poison gas? Iraq may have been at peace, but his generals told him not to withdraw.

5. The left’s ideology that consistently misreads the world.

Specifically on the fifth cause, the left believes the USA has “an outsized influence” (Obama’s words in a campaign comment), so we must retreat from the world, and then somehow it will get better. Further, they believe in peace and love with the deadliest killers. (And they want us to trust them with the Iran deal?)

However, has the left woken up and realized that terrorists do not sit idly by in some distant land, but can attack Europe and eventually the USA? Even President Hollande said twice in a speech that this is “an act of war”: un acte de guerre.  In his speech on Nov. 16, 2015, before the French parliament, he called for a coalition. However, he might not get any troop help from the smartest man ever to occupy the White House, who know more about foreign policy than his foreign policy advisers do (his words, too).

No, Obama (or other leaders in Europe) does not have blood on his hands, but let’s just say Parisian blood has splattered on the back of his heels and pants, as he cut and ran.

We must realize from world history that the world needs a super-power to keep the peace, much like a city needs a police force to keep the bad guys from getting the upper hand.

Like it or not, it’s our time in the history of the world to be that “police force.”

The left has a terrible track record on foreign policy, and the sooner we vote them out of office, the better and safer and more peaceful the world will be.

This article appeared at American Thinker on Nov. 14, 2015, and has been updated here.


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