What Michael Medved missed in his interview with Karen Armstrong

Michael Medved is a sharp radio guy. His knowledge is encyclopedic. I listen to him and learn a lot.

On Oct. 14, 2015, he interviewed Karen Armstrong about her book Field of Blood, which apparently says, per the interview, that religion alone should stop being blamed for wars. Fair enough.

Then she said the “Christian Scriptures” (the New Testament) have violent verses in them.

Do they?

Medved and other radio hosts like Dennis Prager, who don’t “major,” so to speak, in the New Testament, do not defend against the charge that the New Testament has violent or war passages.

I no longer write on Islam. I’ve moved on. So I won’t even address Ms. Armstrong’s misrepresentation of it.

But back in 2012, I wrote a series that contrasts Christianity and Islam and their view of the sword (click on that link for articles that challenge Ms. Armstrong), and here are the articles that cover Christianity:

The Kingdom of God: Was Jesus a pacifist?

The Gospels: Was Jesus a pacifist?

Were the early Christians pacifists?

I need someone to show me where it says in the New Testament that we should pick up swords and by them spread the gospel.

I need someone to show me which verse can even remotely be interpreted to pick up swords and kill the stubborn who refuse to convert.

These passages don’t exist for reasonable people, and even bad-faith interpreters are laughed out of court (the Old Testament and the Quran are different matters entirely because their military war verses are unmistakably about … well … military war).

Would someone please show me where in the New Testament there is an equally clear verse about military warfare for the church as the church–in a kind of Christian army?

One day a radio host will challenge a guest like Karen Armstrong to cite the verse.

But maybe those who don’t “major” in the New Testament–whether Jew or gentile– wouldn’t know what to do if she gave a verse like Matt. 10:34 (see the second link in the list for an explanation). They don’t even try.

Why not? I don’t know, but maybe they want to equalize all religions, when there are clear differences.

Whatever the motive, the fact that the otherwise intelligent radio guys don’t even try to explain that there are no such verses is still disappointing.

I’ve reached the conclusion that most of the Salem Radio team doesn’t represent millions of us who are not Jewish, Catholic, confused, or something else. When our issues come up even occasionally, I just have to grin and bear their silence.

I don’t ask that they turn their programs into a Christian show, but a little assist would be appreciated when the primacy of Scripture alone comes up.

But I still listen to the team when I can because they shine in countless other areas.


Oct. 21, 2015

Nov. 9, 2015

Dec. 3, 2015

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