My perfect nominee

In this presidential campaign season, we can’t have our version of perfection, but why not discuss what he or she would look like?

Can’t we dream?

Here she is, for me at least.

Political party: GOP

Sex: Female

Age: 48-55 (negotiable)

Religion: she must have a sincere faith, not one of political convenience; in America this means Christian, though other religions are okay with me, provided she shares constitutional and American values (Article VI), particularly the First Amendment; and my politics

Home state: a major one, like FL, OH, MI, VA, TX (GOP can win there in statewides), but a smaller state would work if the other characteristics line up, to wit:

Family: married with children, most are grown; reasonably functional family (as humanly possible)

Languages: English and Spanish, but she need not be Hispanic (so future politicians, take lots of Spanish in high school and college); but being Hispanic is a bonus;

Education: Bachelor’s and MBA or JD (or both), but it doesn’t have to be from Ivy; a good state university might be better, probably would be, now that I think of it

Professional Experience:

Served in the military or an auxiliary to the military

VP or CEO, at a noncontroversial, successful company

Congressperson, for several terms with conservative voting record and works well with colleagues; served on foreign or military committee

Governor, with a successful record of economic growth and working with opponents, but moving them in a conservative direction, not the other way

Or a Senator (I prefer governors), but her tenure must have a conservative voting record; worked well with others; served on foreign or military committee

Minimal personal and professional political philosophy and record:

Positive characteristics

For Selfie Voters, (many Selfie voters don’t understand the issues, so they have to “fall in love” with their future president); she must be attractive and winsome, with a great smile; lots of charisma or the “it-factor”; passion, but not angry passion;

Comfortable in her own skin in public, just plain friendly

Glowing reports from employees and colleagues at her former company

Friends with many congresspersons or senators; hasn’t alienated many, preferably none, certainly not leaders;

Very effective speaker, articulate, visionary, inspirational

Thinks quick on her feet before the news media, talk shows, townhalls, and debates; knows the issues; not easily befuddled on foreign policy (service in military and on foreign or military committee in Congress helps here)

She reaches out to all centrists voters and builds a Big Tent, understanding that the national elections take place between the two 48 yard lines or the centrists; therefore she won’t alienate major segments of voters, like Hispanics;

She has given many speeches in Spanish (even if written by native speaker), explaining why a conservative political philosophy is better for Hispanics in the long run; same goes for other minorities

Without these negative characteristics:

For Selfie voters, she can’t have a distracting physical characteristic, like a weight problem (sorry!); or a too-strong accent

Can’t have lost a maj0r election, certainly not a statewide one

Doesn’t come across as angry or arrogant or messianic; not on a Grand Mission, acting as if she’s “misunderstood” when she doesn’t get her way, e.g. when (God forbid) she tries to shut down government; she doesn’t act as if she Stands Alone in Her High Mission, as she gazes out over the horizon with raised eyebrows

Doesn’t get into wacky, needless controversies, like comparing opponents to Nazis or ISIS; or no pregnancy after rape; or threatens to shut down government; or calls congressional or senate leaders liars

Not a hyper-conservative or WHINO (White House In Name Only) who misreads America, as if Americans are waiting for a True and Pure Conservative (whatever that is) to lead them to the Conservative Promised Land; rather, she understands that Americans today like the government, so cutbacks have to come after strong economic growth (e.g. average or preferably minimum of 4% per quarter for two or three years); eliminating programs must be done delicately, not highhandedly, and she’ll need to give lots of reassuring speeches that social security, for example, won’t be eliminated

I could go on, but that’s my perfect presidential nominee.

She will never appear in real life, but maybe one can come close, in the future.

When or if she does, she could easily win nationally and help many down-ticket candidates, state by state.

And of course, these qualities could be reworded to fit a male, but the essence is the same.

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