Did CNN help Hillary during September 2015 GOP debate?

A “stalking horse” is someone who tests an idea for a third party to see if it works.

Did CNN prove to be one for the DNC?

This short piece has been updated since the American Thinker post.

In a GOP debate in February 2012, the idea floated out there was birth control and abortion, coming under the bigger theme of the “War on Women.” The issue came out of nowhere and baffled the debaters. Moderator George Stephanopoulos may have been floating the idea for the DNC, the third party in a GOP debate. Then it came up again and again throughout the campaign season.

Stephanopoulos worked in the Clinton White House, and recently he was (rightly) excluded from moderating a Republican debate. He was and is a partisan working in the news media (but I repeat myself).

It seems to me (at least) that Jake Tapper is not as partisan as Stephanopoulos is, so I can’t accuse Tapper of deliberately helping the Hillary campaign. I certainly have no evidence of it. And everything seemed so lighthearted, so relieved, at the end of the long debate that no one noticed how the issue helps the DNC and their probable nominee. On the other hand, if the stalking horse was not Tapper, it could have been a producer. Many on the Left assume–wrongly–that the Right hate women and minorities and so on, so the producer was eager to watch the GOP candidates implode with such a “hard-hitting” question.

To add to my speculation, I can ask, why the sudden push to make 2016 the Year of the Woman and change an image on the currency to a woman? Why not do this, say, back in 2008 or 2009?

The push was surely getting started before Carly joined the race on May 4, 2015 (and Hillary’s troubles), and today perhaps many in the DNC believe Carly won’t get the nomination, and the odds are much better than even that she won’t, while the odds still favor Hillary.

But make no mistake: Carly’s sudden and temporary rise throws a small wrench in the DNC’s strategy, but it will gain more momentum when Carly doesn’t win the nomination of the “mean old” Republican party. “Confirmed! See the GOP didn’t nominate Carly! They hate women!” Hillary will say.

In any case, the DNC and Jack Lew of the Treasury Department, an Obama appointee, may be coordinating this push, without our believing in a vast “left-wing conspiracy,” to tweak Hillary’s statement. Do you remember the JournoList collusion, in which hundreds of journalists emailed each other and coordinated issues and responses to Republican counter-issues and responses?

Why would Tapper (or a producer) assume it was a legitimate issue at this time? Just breathing in the zeitgeist? I don’t know. Those are questions, not statements.

But whatever the case, the timing sure is odd or “coincidental.”

This piece was posted on American Thinker, September 20, 2015 but has been updated for Live As Free People.

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