About Trump’s recent Muslim comments

Mr. Trump did not disavow a spectator’s comments  about Muslims and how we need to “get rid of them.” And then on the ABC Sunday morning show he wouldn’t say straight out that Obama was a Christian who was born in Hawaii, not Kenya.

First, no one can accuse me of going “soft” on Islam (here, here, and here).

Second, all Trump needs to do is affirm Obama’s place of birth and his confession that he’s a Christian. He attended a church for twenty years, albeit a far-left, hateful one (but I repeat myself). Even the movie 2016: Obama’s America, by Dinesh D’Souza, concedes Obama was born in Hawaii and shows two birth announcements in two Hawaiian newspapers. How can a conspirator pull that off, all the way back in 1961? He couldn’t know the newborn would one day be president.

As far as the spectator’s comments go, Trump needs to say that any citizen who abides by the law is a great addition to America, Muslim or not. But anyone, Muslim or otherwise, who breaks the law needs to be arrested and tried.

But nuances and subtleties are not his forte.

Now Trump appears on ABC News with George Stephanopoulos and backpedals in his awkward way.

His followers are still reveling in their belief that only Donald is “telling it like it is” about Islam. He’s the only one who says that the Swedes aren’t blowing up buildings.

But can anyone point to a GOP candidate who regularly omits the words “Muslim” or “Islamic” extremist in their discussing terrorism? Of course not. Maybe they’re just not as outlandish as Trump is and their tact and class are not very appealing.

In the big picture, what really appeals to the Trump supporters? It’s not his words, unless the supporters are as silly as the words are.

What is it then? Why can’t his followers see how buffoonish and laughable his self-belief and words are, while the vast majority of Americans (higher than his temporary poll numbers) can see it?

In a word: anger.

He says foolish things angrily, which must mask his “policies” before the not-so-piercing gaze of his followers. They’re just as angry as he is.

But anger is bad. It clouds your judgment.

Further, as I have written before, Trump does not have presidential history on his side. He does not have the right temperament.

Anger is not a winning strategy nationally.

Update: Sept. 22, 2015, I made style changes.

Sept. 24, 2015, I added the link to the article about Dr. Carson.

Dec. 8, 2015: He bans Muslims coming into this country and won’t denounce Japanese internment during WWII. Renouncing it is a no-brainer. Maybe Trump has no sound moral judgment.


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