Ten Reasons Not to Vote for Trump

Update, July 15: Trump won, it’s time to move on, and hope for the best. Updated Nov. 5, 2019: I believe Trump’s policies are great! I’m very pleased, so these reasons are now obsolete.

The Trump candidacy has been treated as a publicity stunt—even a joke—but now it’s getting serious. Seriously wrong.

Before you begin, please read Thirty Reasons Not to vote for Hillary.

1. His erratic temperament is not presidential.

All the presidents since FDR (and even before) had a calm, rational, non-angry personality in public. They may have behaved badly in private, but they enjoyed a certain degree of public class and social dignity.

Only a leader with an unhealthy soul publically lashes out at friends and opponents in politics. “You’re an idiot!” “You’re a disaster!” “You’re not rich like me. I don’t have to listen to you!”

The average American doesn’t like it when a politician uses the “F-word” in speeches, as Trump did back in 2011 in Las Vegas.

The average American likes inspirational passion, not angry passion.

2. His playboy antics are unpresidential (unless you’re JFK or Clinton).

Ain’t none of us perfect, but for a man of his age to hang around beauty contests and even bankroll them shows he’s never grown up. Maybe he feels money and fame and power is an aphrodisiac. “I like beautiful women.” Who doesn’t? But most of us have outgrown the juvenile stage.

Imagine if Rubio or Walker wandered around backstage at these contests. Doesn’t quite fit, does it? Maybe they don’t because they have the right temperament and take their faith and marriage seriously.

For me, I simply don’t want a repeat of the JFK Party Central White House or Bill Clinton in his private brothel, also known then as the Oval Office.

Enjoying the good life is one thing; hedonism is disqualifying.

3. His political judgment is opportunistic and unreliable.

The Washington Post reported that Clinton talked with Trump before Trump announced, and Bill encouraged him to get involved with Republican politics—not the democrat party. It’s obvious Bill saw his wife struggling in her campaign; he recalled he won the White House by a third party candidate billionaire. Why not get another billionaire in the mix to stir things up?

Further, it’s clear (to me) Trump recently joined the GOP because he knew the Democrats are weak now and can be beaten. I get the impression that if the GOP had been weak, he would have run as a Democrat.

And that fits. Only recently did he self-identify as a Democrat and donate a lot of money to them and contribute around a $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation. Imagine if Jeb had done that! The hyper-conservatives would never forgive him! So why does Trump get away with it? Maybe because he “tells it like it is!” (whatever the two “its” mean), and that’s “refreshing.”

He ran for the nomination in the Reform Party in 1999 and lost badly.

Maybe when he said we need to have single-payer health care, like Canada (which we can’t afford).

Maybe when he said he was “very pro-choice.” Now that he “joined” the GOP, he’s suddenly more pro-life. Didn’t people criticize Romney for his flipflop? But for whatever reason, conservatives look the other way for Trump.

Or maybe when he went up to Wisconsin and criticized Scott Walker (a “disaster!”), using the Left’s talking points, railing against a man who heroically won three elections against the virulent Left in four years. Walker curtailed the government unions’ power and restored the state budget, but that’s a bad thing, for liberal-masquerading-as-conservative Trump.

His journey shows him to be a rootless, opportunistic, wandering, political soul.

4. He is the creation of shallow show biz.

Recently I heard that 400 million pictures, mostly Selfies, are uploaded each day to social media. Wow. Imaging counts for a lot nowadays. We certainly are focused on the self more than any time in our history. Call them the Selfie Voters.

Plenty of qualified candidates who have been through the political fire or the slow wheels of good governance could do much better in Washington than Trump. But they have never been a TV star. He has, though, and now people are falling for him like teen girls for the latest pop star. If he were never on TV, he wouldn’t get very far in national politics, unless of course he had followed the hard, boring, takes-too-long path of winning smaller elections in the NY Democrat Party.

But shortcuts are tailor-made for TV stars (cue the audience sighs of admiration).

5. His old age is an issue.

He was born on June 14, 1946. He’s sixty-nine. Before the 2016 election he’ll be seventy.

6. His inexperience and impatience with the constitutionally ordained, slow-grinding wheels of good government isn’t right for the presidency.

Ross Perot, another successful CEO, used to say he would “get things done” in Washington. It moves too slowly. Only a businessman can do “what it takes.”

Maybe someone will teach Trump the basics: the Constitution places the legislative branch first—Article One—and the executive branch second—Article Two. The House is closer to the people and has to go through elections every two years. There are 435 members in that body and a hundred in Senate. The House and Senate and Executive working together takes discussions and time—and even compromise.

We have a president today who goes around Congress. Do we really want another one?

7. He’ll commit an endless series of grimace-inducing, verbal blunders.

We know the gaffes already—McCain’s no war hero; Mexico is “forcing” criminals to move up here (a Mexican bureaucrat must be pointing a gun at the criminal’s head and frog-marching him across the border); they’re thieves and murderers, with a few good men thrown in the messy, human mix. Let’s deport 11 million people, regardless of its costing billions of dollars buying all those “round-up” armored buses and hiring new agents and being a logistical nightmare to pull off and most of all being inhumane.

What else will come out of his unpredictable, unpresidential mouth?

8. His massive ego is a massive problem.

Maybe that’s what comes from inherited money and TV stardom. It goes to your head like a drug. You feel entitled. Just ask the teen pop star who has not yet crashed and burned.

The ancient Greeks taught, “Know thyself.” John Calvin said, “Knowledge of God and of ourselves is mutually connected.” It takes hard, painful work to know oneself.

Trump (and Obama) exhibits little self-awareness in public. Maybe that’s why he blurts out angry and odd one-liners; he just lets his unexamined mind go.

We’re just about to see a super self-confident president depart the White House. Do we really need someone else like that?

9. His religion is politically convenient.

Trump made statements about Christianity that were baffling, as if he we’re speaking as an outsider, with a strange accent (not, he hopes, a Spanish one) and misplaced vocabulary. Critics of Obama observe the same thing about his faith.

It’s true that many conservatives don’t care about religion, but millions do. And they prefer their president to have maturity in his heartfelt beliefs, even if he doesn’t broadcast them at every turn.

We have several candidates to choose from who seem to have genuine faith.

I wouldn’t want these millions of Evangelical voters to stay home with a Trump nomination, would you?

Maybe his lack of religious wisdom is where all the public indiscretion and hedonism comes from.

10. The DNC machine is now doing oppo research on him, which they will spring on the public late in 2016.

The DNC must be giddy. I can see it now. Beauty contestants might come forward and claim Trump tried to seduce them. Quid pro quo, maybe? Or perhaps he’s been caught on a cell phone saying poor people are “disasters!” (That would make Romney’s 47% comment look minor.) So far, all of this is speculation.

If stories like those were to surface, the bad publicity would cost us the election in the generals—and badly, too.

Let’s wrap it up.

Voting for Trump, many hyper-conservatives and WHINOs might teach daily-grind, GOP conservatives and the “Establishment” a lesson. The Selfie Voters would follow the latest craze. But neither group would win the White House.

I really believe it is not Trump’s destiny to occupy the White House—it’s too sacred and historic for a shallow, politically rootless, arrogant, opportunistic TV star, an aging playboy.

His destiny is to sow discord, chaos, and confusion among the GOP in the 2016 elections. Then the Democrat will swear the presidential oath of office in January 2017. I certainly hope that’s not been the human plan all along. Couldn’t be. Just couldn’t be.

I further predict that if there’s a three-way race (a likely prospect), there will be election chaos that will make Bush v. Gore in 2000 look tame.

However, as I think of it, maybe that’s what my beloved America sadly needs today— a good old fashioned shaking. We have been, after all, in the prophetic words of Judge Robert Bork in 1996, twenty years before the upcoming elections, “slouching towards Gomorrah.”


Trump’s Victory is a Black Swan in a Perfect Storm

Why Trump might win it all (speculation about how he might pull off the long shot)

Trump among the Quakers (satire);

Trump bullies Francis Scott Key (satire).

Presidential temperament and Trump;

Other updates:

Sept. 4, 2015: I added new data about Hispanics and Trump;

Sept. 8, 2015: I made incidental corrections.

Sept. 17, 2015: I added the new debate analysis and I revised the Introduction.

Sept. 26, 2015: Henry Olsen writes a fine piece: Four Easy Steps for Defeating Donald Trump, which talks about his inconsistent politics and questionable business practices (e.g. four bankruptcies) and less-than-exemplary lifestyle.

Also on the same date, Trump calls on FCC to investigate and shut down one of his critics: Donald Trump Runs to Government for Help; and Donald Trump Is a Yuuuuuuuge Wuss, which says the same thing. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t the Left run to the government to suppress opposition, as the IRS did to conservative groups?

Oct. 8, 2015:

Here’s a post at American Thinker about two comic actors playing drunk guys lip-syncing Trump’s very words and voice: Trump as your drunk uncle (or neighbor). It’s only two minutes and very funny. It shows he’s not a serious candidate and is therefore unworthy of the White House.

Oct. 22, 2015:

I added the two links about satire and rewrote the introduction.

Nov. 13, 2015:

After the Nov. 2015 debate, pundits are pointing out that his “wages are too high” comment will work like Romney’s 47% comment. The DNC will play that line throughout the battleground states. If he’s the nominee, he will lose.

Shortly after the debate appears this analysis of Trump during the next 72 hours. One highlight:

*In an appearance on Morning Joe the day after the [Nov. 2015] debate, Trump repeated his claim. “We have to become competitive with the world. Our taxes are too high, our wages are too high, everything is too high.”

*Two days after debate-night declaration that “wages too high,” and one day after he appeared onMorning Joe reiterated that claim, Trump told Bret Baier of Fox News that he never said wages are too high. “I didn’t say that.”

Does the man know what he’s doing?

Nov. 20, 2015:

I made some incidental adjustments. And now Trump says he would favor a Muslim registry. Cra-cra, as students say (crazy).

Nov. 23, 2015: Guy Benson has a rundown of Trump’s erratic behavior and his possible backtracking on no-third party pledge. Benson writes:

But not to worry, conservatives. He’ll be totally reliable on all the issues on which he’s completely reversed himself in order to pander to you — from tax increases, to abortion, to gun control, to government-run healthcare (which he still praises), to immigration rhetoric and policy, etc.  His longstanding alignment with the Democratic Party and financial support for Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid shouldn’t concern you either. Nor should his ongoing left-wing talking points on “fairness,” the Koch brothers, “blame Bush,” and expanding the federal bureaucracy. And neither should his abysmally low (34/61) favorability rating among the general electorate, much worse than even his dear friend and benefactor Hillary’s terrible numbers. He’ll never abandon you in pursuit of his own self-serving interests, or for attention. Incidentally, Trump was given yet another opportunity on Sunday to clear up the “media smear” regarding his allegedly nonexistent support for a national registry of Muslims — including citizens.  He took another pass, declining to answer the question asked of him, keeping things nice and hazy;

December 18, 2015: On Nov. 29, 2015, Michael Brown wrote an article on why Evangelicals should not support Trump. Along with other analyses, he quotes these verses:

Prov. 29:11Fools give full vent to their rage, but the wise bring calm in the end.

Proverbs 29:20Do you see someone who speaks in haste? There is more hope for a fool than for them.

Those verses perfectly describe Trump.

June 7, 2016: I voted in the primaries, but I left my ballot blank in the presidential section. I will do the same in November. In other words, I decided I can’t vote for Trump (and certainly not for Hillary). My vote is lost in the California electoral college, anyway. But I will vote down ticket.

Oct. 28, 2016: Hillary is in more trouble. He could just pull it off: Why Trump might win it all.

Update: Oct 28, 2016: Team Hillary is under investigation again, so Trump could win it.

Update: Nov 13, 2016: please click on Trump’s Victory Is a Black Swan in a Perfect Storm.

Update: Nov 15, 2016: Why the Dems lost and how they can win again, baby!

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