Novel: The Reluctant Exorcist

It’s about spiritual warfare. Just because we can’t see it going on around us right now with our physical eyes doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It does. So the genre of the novel is speculative historical fiction and family saga, based on biblical truths about the spirit world.

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Ten reasons not to vote for Trump

Update, July 15: Trump won, it’s time to move on, and hope for the best.

The Trump candidacy has been treated as a publicity stunt—even a joke—but now it’s getting serious. Seriously wrong.

As the GOP nominee, it would be a “disaster!” Believe me.

Here’s why you should not throw away your vote on him (with periodic updates).

Updated 7/20/16: He’s the nominee, so these reasons are now irrelevant, though still accurate. Or he could improve and prove these reasons wrong.

Update: Oct 28, 2016: Team Hillary is under investigation again, so Trump could win it.

Update: Nov 13, 2016: please click on Trump’s Victory Is a Black Swan in a Perfect Storm.

Update: Nov 15, 2016: Why the Dems lost and how they can win again, baby!

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The Biblical case for limited government and low taxes

Liberalism, generally, favors a bigger government and higher taxes to pay for it, while conservatives advocate moving in the opposite direction: limited government and low taxes.

Let’s face it.  The government since FDR’s New Deal has gotten bigger.  LBJ instituted the Great Society.  By now conservatives say Uncle Sam is morbidly obese.  But liberals claim the moral high ground.

Do they have the right to it?

Not if we follow what the Bible recommends (not commands).

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The Provincial Council of Pennsylvania Hears of Prince William of Orange’s Invasion

Prince William of Orange invaded England, at the request of the English Parliament.

To call a nighttime meeting to depose a witness about the events in England shows how deeply connected the colonists were to the Old World.

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The Provincial Council of Pennsylvania proclaims James, Duke of York, King

The Council of Pennsylvania at this early date was dominated by Quakers who were once severely persecuted by Royalists, back in England; however, sometimes the king treated them kindly when it suited his purpose.

Normally Quakers late in the seventeenth century did not get involved in politics back in England, but maybe they thought it prudent to honor the new king, who was so far away.

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